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Apr 17, 2010 10:50 AM

Bayou in Staten Island?

Wondering if any of the regulars here have tried this place lately. I see a few posts from a few years ago that mention it, but no actual c'hound reviews that I can find. Anybody been there?

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  1. Well, to answer my own question, I'd say it's entirely miss-able. The space is charming, we were comfortable, and the staff very competent and very nice, but the menu is a train wreck. Like, what does stuffing a pork chop with brie have to do with Louisiana? A lot of weird-concept items like that on the menu. All our food was at least adequate, nothing inedible, but not where I'd go for authentic cuisine. One outstanding special had nothing to do w/ NO, but was perfectly executed: a seared tuna w/ sesame seed crust.

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      I've never been but there was a review on the 22nd of April in the Advance--