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Apr 17, 2010 09:51 AM

Steakhouse recs in 73/70 area Marlton/Cherry Hill area?

Looking for decent steakhouse in the area for unexpected company--not looking to venture into Philly. Something other than Capital Grille in CH. Any opinions on Library II or Fleming's or other places that aren't so obvious? TIA

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  1. I've never been, but family that lives down that way speaks highly of The Chop House, I think in Gibbsboro?

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      I agree with Chop House in Gibbsboro - I have family in Medford and it only takes them about 20 min to get there via back roads. Depends on where in Medford you are, obviously. But definitely not THAT far and worth the trip. Was just there last weekend and its delicious!

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        I too have friends who swear by The Chop House. Although it has been years since I last dined there, I had always enjoyed meals at the Library (especially loved the large salad bar). That being said, I'm not sure I would consider it a restaurant to take company. The faults I found with the restaurant include how dark they kept the room as well as the amount of dust found on the books. Again, it has been years since I last visited and both of these issues may well have been addressed. Good Luck.

    2. Too late to help the OP, but next time, maybe The Pub in Pennsauken? (about 15-20 min from the evil Marlton Circle construction nightmare, not too far from the other side of Cherry Hill) My aunt and uncle took us there for my husband's birthday, and it's totally what I picture as an old-school steakhouse. Our steaks were delicious and were served from a little portable grill - so they were still hot when they hit the table. Salad bar was okay, a little limited, but the potatoes were good (and many options - including twice-baked!). We'll definitely go back.

      1. I think Flemings is way too expensive for a chain. Food is good, but not for the prices.

        1. I am sure you have visited both by now. We go to Library frequently. Visited Fleming's about two weeks ago. Fleming's steaks were as good as any I have had, Morton's Capital Grill, Ruth's, Chop House etc (My first Fleming's was in Scottsdale). Calling Fleming's a chain may be accurate but so are all of the others except for the Chop House. And it was very very expensive, dinner for two with no wine was over $200 (we did splurge on appetizers). Service was over attentive perhaps, maybe 6 people asking if everything was good about every ten minutes.

          If you want to fill up on Salad, nothing compares to Library (well maybe Fogo). Steaks are very good, also. My only complaint is that it is very dark in the dining room.

          You have to order at a window and they will cut your steak as you order it by the oz. Weird and not necessary, but not a problem once you do it a couple of times.

          I suggest getting the filet or strip and ordering a separate salad. It can keep the bill to around $100 and you will have plenty of meat.