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Parkway Bakery?

mjpd Apr 17, 2010 09:50 AM

I've read much about this place and it appears that it's many folk's favorite for po boys. What's the best snadwich in your opinion? Can I take the street car up canal and walk to it?

Other po boy recommendations?

Thanks and see you all soon!

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  1. b
    BoomOp RE: mjpd Apr 17, 2010 03:33 PM

    Im in NOLA for work for a couple of months. I've been here 6 days and I've already been to the Parkway twice. It's great. The atmosphere is much better in the bar, I would sit there. I've had nice conversations with the friendly bartenders and locals.

    I has the roast beef po'boy the first time. They make it there and it's great. I got mine "dressed" with very light gravy. It was perfect. Don't get the large, it's huge.

    The second time I went with a friend and I ordered the fried catfish and he ordered the caprese and we split them. Both were great.

    I can't wait to go back again. Probably Monday or Tuesday after work.

    I think it's kind of a long 5 block walk from Canal, but I suppose it could be done. Maybe a local could speak to how safe that would be. It seemed ok to me.

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    1. re: BoomOp
      stvtunlvzn RE: BoomOp Apr 17, 2010 04:07 PM

      Parkway is the gold standard that all others should copy. Depending on how hungry you are I'de go for either the roast beef and gravy which is the best IMO or the surf and turf. Like BooMop says it's a good hike from Canal. Try making it over to Angelo Brocota's for dessert afterwards if your not too stuffed!

      1. re: BoomOp
        hungrymedstudent RE: BoomOp Apr 18, 2010 11:49 AM

        BoomOp, just fyi, Parkway's closed on Tuesday. Don't want you to show up and be disappointed

        1. re: hungrymedstudent
          Niki in Dayton RE: hungrymedstudent Apr 19, 2010 09:45 AM

          How about Sunday and Monday - are they open then? And any idea of the hours? And one more question - where's Angelo Braccoto's in comparision (we'll be walking/taking the street car). Thanks!

          1. re: Niki in Dayton
            roro1831 RE: Niki in Dayton Apr 19, 2010 09:49 AM

            If you get the streetcar to leave Parkway by the entrance to City Park around Esplanade, then the streetcar will run you right in front of Brocato's. You could conceivably walk from Parkway to carrollton and take a left and walk down to Brocato's. I would have no problem making that walk now as I walk everywhere these days, but if you had asked me that question while living in New Orleans I would have never said to walk. lol

      2. Bill Hunt RE: mjpd Apr 17, 2010 07:40 PM

        I have had the RB and shrimp po-boys, and tasted M-I-L's oyster po-boy. All were very good to near great. None was the best of each that I have ever had, BUT those places were from another time, and are long gone, so there is no way that I can make a side-by-side comparison.

        It's a neat, funky, neighborhood place, and the food is very good. It is fun, it is not expensive and you should enjoy.

        They are off the beaten path, but worth the trip.



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        1. re: Bill Hunt
          stvtunlvzn RE: Bill Hunt Apr 17, 2010 08:32 PM

          Don't forget to leave a famous name for pickup and don't act like a tourist and ask what the ziplock bags of water hanging outside are for, lol

          1. re: stvtunlvzn
            Bill Hunt RE: stvtunlvzn Apr 17, 2010 09:21 PM

            But DO spend some time looking at the Pontchartrain Beach photos! I am surprised that I cannot find myself in those somewhere.


            1. re: stvtunlvzn
              karykat RE: stvtunlvzn Apr 19, 2010 09:40 AM

              Hmmmm. I'm curious about those bags. They have a penny in them?

              1. re: karykat
                roro1831 RE: karykat Apr 19, 2010 09:44 AM

                Aren't they to keep flies away? I remember seeing those at someones house after Katrina and asking about them and was told it was to keep flies away. Some people swear by it.

                Other poboy recs would be to head to R&O's if you have a car, or Guy's on Magazine down by Jefferson, you could streetcar down to Jeff and walk over to Magazine and check out some of the nice houses.

                1. re: roro1831
                  karykat RE: roro1831 Apr 19, 2010 10:44 AM

                  I was afraid maybe that tourists who asked would get that dumped on their head!!! I'll stop worrying.

          2. m
            midcity RE: mjpd Apr 17, 2010 10:58 PM

            I like the oyster, but then again, I get the oyster po-boy pretty much everywhere I go. Roast beef is good, too. I've heard that they're known for their "thanksgiving" po-boy but I've never been there when it was offered [it's a special].

            I'd say the walk from Canal is okay if it's still light out or if in you're in a group. Maybe take a cab back.

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            1. re: midcity
              joedontexan RE: midcity Apr 18, 2010 06:21 AM

              The walk is easy off the canal street car just pull the cable at jeff davis parkway go right a few blocks and your there on hagen street.

              1. re: joedontexan
                BrooksNYC RE: joedontexan Apr 18, 2010 07:49 AM


              2. re: midcity
                midcity RE: midcity Apr 18, 2010 10:55 AM

                And actually, the walk from Canal is really pretty when it's light out. check out the bayou!

                Also--get the fries. Regular or sweet potato, they're both good.

                1. re: midcity
                  latasche RE: midcity Apr 19, 2010 09:45 AM

                  +1 on the sweet potato fries. The fried seafood po-boys are great, but my favorite is the cuban special. I think this is only on Wednesdays and its been a few months, so I'm not sure if its still a special. Its not a typical po-boy, but its absolutely delicious. Most people like the roast beef, but I'm not a fan. It was very dry and under-seasoned the last time I had it. Get off the streetcar at S. Jeff Davis Pkwy and take a right. You can walk up the neutral ground (median) which is very wide and has a bike path along it. The neighborhood is fine during the day. Parkway is right at the beginning (or end, depending on how you look at it) of Bayou St. John. Walking along the Bayou and up to City Park would be a nice way to work off some of the po-boy afterward. You can catch the streetcar again at the intersection of the Bayou with Carrollton Ave and Esplanade at the entrance to City Park.

              3. nomadchowwoman RE: mjpd Apr 19, 2010 02:04 PM

                Easy walk from Canal down Jeff Davis, maybe 4 blocks. Enjoy.

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