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Apr 17, 2010 09:24 AM

Frozen Wild King Salmon

Has anyone found frozen vacuum-packed Alaskan wild king salmon anywhere? I've seen sockeye, keta and whatever types Trader Joe's has but have never seen king. I've tried the other types but just hated them. I feel somewhat leery of the defrosted fish sold as wild since there seems to be a good chance that it might not actually be wild. I would love to find the wild king you can order online from places like Vital Choice without having it airlifted by fed ex.

Trader Joe's
142 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003

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  1. Wild salmon is going to come from the west coast. I don't think you'd want it after a few days on a truck.

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      I'm talking about flash frozen vacuum packed that could be shipped like any other frozen food.

    2. As a salmon snob who use to live in SE Alaska, I'm thinking you probably won't like king salmon either. It is better than sockeye or red salmon, but not a lot better. If you hate sockeye, maybe you have over cooked it. Otherwise, salmon just might not taste good to you. However, Copper River reds will be available soon. Their high oil content makes them as good as most kings. Just don't buy them the first couple weeks they are available, you will pay dearly for them.

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        Thanks, ouzel. I have ordered the frozen wild king salmon from Vital Choice and did like it, but would like to be able to buy it locally.

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          I have ordered wild salmon online for the last 20 years, or so. IMO, Copper River is way over-rated and over-priced. Alaskan King is the way to go. Wait until May or June, when the price is right and stock your freezer. We had some of this wonderful fish tonight and it was awesome.

        2. frozen Alaskan fish info...Tonka Sea foods.
          I realize that this still isn't local by any stretch, but they are a small company in Petersburg, AK. treat their caught fish well, and half the price of Vital Choice.
          I highly recommend the black cod/sable fish/butter fish. Very high in oil and also great smoked or as gravlax.

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            Thanks so much, pikawicca and ouzel. Pikawicca, just wondering where you order from?

            1. re: Hickory

              Wild Salmon Seafood Market. Their fish (and crab) are first-rate.