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Apr 17, 2010 09:01 AM

Favourite things to buy at the Italian Centre EDM

I don't visit very often because of location, but I'll be stopping by on Wednesday night. I was just trying to make a list of what I need so as to avoid coming out with $200 worth of stuff, but it kept getting longer and longer.

Does this happen to you? What are your favourite things to pick up when you go?

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  1. Totally hear you - I always end up overspending at the Italian Centre.

    Currently on our regular IC list:
    - spicy calabrese
    - fresh buffalo mozzarella
    - nocellara olives
    - cans of san marzano tomatoes

    Recently tried the Iberico ham. Was very tasty but super expensive. I think 200g cost me approx $18.

    1. I totally agree...I always walk out of that place with way more than I need!!

      - Breads/ many fresh and delicious ones to choose from!
      - Roma Tomatoes....they always look so good there!
      - Great Mistake Olives
      - Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella
      - Salami (usually a few different kinds)
      - Always a Portugese Tart for the drive home :)

      1. bella and picantelli olives
        manchego and piave cheeses
        san marzano tomatoes
        arborio rice
        modena balsamic vinegar
        bles-wold yoghurt
        fresh fungi (chantarelles, shitaake, etc)

        1. Just realized I didn't add mine...

          Fresh mozzarella (and really, any kind of italian cheese)
          Pancetta and prosciutto
          Canned tomatoes
          Dried strawberries
          The $6 sandwich (I think it's gone up in price now, but this is just what my friends have always called it)

          I like to ogle the different kinds of oils, vinegars, spreads, but usually refrain from buying them - I have a pretty extensive variety already.

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            Chestnut purée
            Whole hazelnuts

          2. prosciutto
            buffalo mozzarella
            the veggie spread for the sandwiches
            olive oil
            the Italian sandwiches, which they have been cheap on compared to a few yrs back. Used to be loaded.

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            1. re: misterpeer

              The sandwiches at the south side Italian Centre are HUGE! Most normal people would get full after eating half. Compared to any competitor like Subway or Quizno's, they're way better in quality, a larger portion, and a cheaper price. I can't believe these sandwiches used to be bigger in the past...

              1. re: egon61

                Yes, It used to be larger back in the day before owner Frank passed away