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Apr 17, 2010 08:21 AM

Sausage casings and pork fat in Madison, WI?

I want to make sausage. I live on the Isthmus. My local markets -- Willy Street Co-op and Jenny St Market -- do not carry these things. Suggestions, preferably within biking distance?



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  1. Kate,

    I'm in Sun Prairie and make my own sausage, as well.

    I KNOW that Fraboni's, on Regent, carries some casings. I'd give them a ring to see that the sizes are those that you need.

    Pork fat is something else. I have had a terrible time with that. Here's a suggestion, though: Reach out to Jordandal farms -

    Using the "Contact Us", you'll probably get Carrie.

    I purchased two pork bellies and some clear white pork fat from them a few months back. The pickup point was right over in your neighborhood.

    I got enough fat for a BUNCH of batches of sausage.

    Good luck!

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      Koolwhip has great advise. Sam's is a fantastic place for product.

      Another good place is Woodman's. They cryopack pork ends/scraps into approximately 5-pound packages.

      Personally, I love it. My triple-batch for andouille calls for 15 pounds and 3 packs suits me to a tee.

      If you'd like to back-channel with a fellow Dane County sausage maker, please let me know.

      1. re: Monch

        Thanks for the sources! I ran into Carrie at the farmer's market. Now the question will be how much I can fit in my freezer.

        1. re: mscommunikate

          THERE you go!

          Carrie's pork bellies made the most fantastic home-made bacon!

          The digital smoker had a lot to do with the success of this novice, also!

          Good luck, and the offer of help stands.

      2. Hi Kate,

        While I certainly wouldn't call myself an expert, I have been successfully making sausage for years. Assuming that you're grinding your own pork, a regular pork shoulder (i.e boston butt) should have a fine fat to pork ratio. I usually just go to Sam's club and buy the pork there. I'm not from the Madison area, but I've always found that any place that makes their own sausage would be willing to sell casings/extra fat. Good luck!