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Apr 17, 2010 05:55 AM

Bacaro, Providence

How is Bacaro, has anyone been. I heard some good reviews but not any from Chowhounders.

Bacaro Restaurant
262 S Water St, Providence, RI 02903

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    1. I swore Bacaro off shortly after it opened due to a truly terrible service experience (my review is somewhere on the board). I just recently gave it a second (and a third!) chance, and I am happy to report that, at least on the more casual first floor, service is no longer a problem. The restaurant has two floors and two "menus", although I believe both menus are available on either floor. The "upscale" northern Italian menu features extremely well prepared Italian classics. The ciccheteria/salumeria/enoteca menu features small plates. This is a very entertaining option--you basically use a check-off menu to indicate your selections (like you would at some dim sum places). The plates are pretty diverse, and some are totally sublime. It's a great concept, the food is consistently well-prepared, and for the quality I think the price point is fair. This isn't a cheap restaurant, but careful ordering from the ciccheteria menu can yield a satisfying meal with a reasonable bill. The "regular" menu does seem a bit pricey (example: I recall enjoying a phenomenal chicken parm served over pasta fagioli--even gave my mom's classic a run for its money!--but that simple dish cost somewhere around $30). There's a great article about Bacaro's chef, Brian Kingsford, in the Spring 2010 edition of Edible Rhody magazine; I'd recommend checking that out for a more thorough account of the restaurant and it's culinary philosophy.

      Bacaro Restaurant
      262 S Water St, Providence, RI 02903

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        Thank you! I look forward to trying it!

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          My wife and I have been three times and loved it each time.

      2. I think it's excellent. Been twice, spot-on (both food & service) both times.

        1. I've never had an entree their, but I do really enjoy the downstairs, theirs many options as far a small plates