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Apr 17, 2010 05:26 AM

Unexpected Delight at Agrodolce

Jillian told me Fred Fried who plays Friday nights at Agro Dolce highly recommended the restaurant. It was a cold rainy night so we went to have a night off from cooking and to enjoy Fred's music . We had a 6 pm dinner res. The place was packed for the early bird menu (30% off). Not sure why we did not qualify as we were seated in time but we never asked either. We sat in the lounge in a 4 top near the piano. Fred and Jim Abbot came on at 6:30. Our server was pleasant and efficient. There were 4 of us but I will report on my meal and let Jillian add to her famiy's meal. I ordered the house Pinot Grio which was 7.50 a glass. It was crisp and delicious. I ordered the special spinach salad with granny smith apples, pistachios, blue cheese with a lovely truffle vin. Loved it! I ordered a half portion of Farfalle and wild mushrooms with artichokes and truffle oil. WOW...Jill and I shared a lemon marscapone tarte. AMAZING..oh the bread and EVOO was lovely. It was a perfect night, My 4th was 47 with tip. I would go back for sure. It was a wonderful night! Fred even played Girl From Impanema for me!! Lovely entertainment. Enclosed is a photo of Jillian's scallop dish.

2671 Main St, Brewster, MA 02631

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  1. I had to be convinced to try Agro Dolce again after a dismal dinner there three years ago. As Mrwynter described, we enjoyed a great meal! I started with a caesar salad, which had the nice surprise of a parmesan crisp hidden under the fresh romaine, homemade croutons, and just the right amount of garlicky dressing. Followed with Scallops with bacon and farfalle - a baked dish with pancetta and 8 large, sweet scallops over farfalle in a creamy sauce, covered with cheese - very rich and tasty. My DH had the wild mushroom risotto and son enjoyed his Italian sausage panini with roasted red peppers and carmelized onions. They finished by sharing the cannoli, plenty for two. I was happy to find a range of offerings in all price ranges - from wood-grilled pizza to panini to large appetizer servings which could be a meal in itself. The jazz duo, though right next to us, was never intrusive and in fact lent a really great vibe to the meal. I have often wondered why the parking lot has been crowded and now I know why.

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    1. We decided to try this place after this review and frankly, we were disappointed. Like the OP, we were also sat by 6, yet were not given the 30% early bird discount. The ceasar salad was excellent, as was my satuteed clam app. But at $9 and $15 respectively, the prices for each was top dollar. My DW had the Veal Parm. The veal was overbaked, overcheesed, and fairly chewy as a result. The marinara was bland and tasteless. I had the potato gnocchi in a bolognese. The gnocchi were store bought and what one can find in any frozen food case in the supermarket. The bolognese was loaded with ground beef with no discernable veal or pork. Okay, but not special. Two glasses of house wine and two cocktails and our bill was $108 before tip. We didn't see the value here as the food was rather mediocre and not up to the level of the tarrif charged. Service was excellent, but I doubt we'll ever return. This place is no where near the quality of say, Tomatoes in Sandwich or Alberto's Hyannis.