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Apr 17, 2010 05:04 AM

[Formentera/Ibiza] Looking for Balearic lodging and food recs in early May

Traveled to Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, and Formentera with my husband and a good friend in late May 2009 and loved it so much I decided to take my dad to the Islas Baleares this year. I am beginning to fear that I chose the wrong timeframe, however. We're flying from Madrid to Ibiza the weekend of April 30 - May 3. Was looking forward to a wonderful, recommended hippy guest house on Formentera -- only to find it is closed for renovations until May 20. Now I am scraping the bottom of the barrel as even the largest of the resort hotels catering to Northern Europeans don't all appear to be open/available in our time frame.

As Harters has noted elsewhere, the Baleares are not well represented here on Chow. Would welcome any thoughts both about feasibility of staying on Formentera and for one excellent meal in Ibiza Town if possible.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hola,
    The summer season in Ibiza begins at mid may (when open the clubs). So, it's possible that some places are closed until these dates.
    If you have visited Formentera before, you can take the ferry to the "paradise" and spend one day. Enjoy a great meal and take a bath in his wonderful beaches. I know differents places, so if you want tell me what do you want to eat.
    In Ibiza town, for a traditional Ibiza meal you have Ca n'Alfredo (Paseo Vara de Rey, close to the Port). In the old town (Dalt Vila), La Oliva is a great place. For a fantastic breakfast, Café Sidney (Marina Botafoch, near Pacha) In Pacha you can also eat. It has a japanese restaurant inside the club).
    A good advise is to rent a car and visit differents little towns as Santa Gertrudis, Sant Antoni, Sant Josep, etc.
    You can't go home without tasting the fabolous Bullit de Peix. It's a whole meal served in two times, first the rice (arroz a banda) and then the fish with potatoes. Incredible. The best place, and only known for ibicencos is Es Pou des Lleó, in the northeast close to the beach of the same name.
    Ibiza is my second home, so if you want something else only tell me your doubts.
    Enjoy Ibiza & Formentera.

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      Thanks for the recommendations. We are staying near Figueretas beach in Ibiza Town. Any specific restaurants we should look out for?

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        hey guys,
        was just in ibiza and used this thread to guide me around! i did end up going to Pou d'es Lleo and had a fantastic experience. the staff was so sweet and the food was amazing! We almost didn't get the Bullit de Peix because it turns out you have to reserve it in advance. luckily a big group had ordered it that evening and the kitchen had made enough to serve some to us.

        thanks for the recommendation!

      2. What is the name of the hippy guest house?

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          Mortz - The guest house recommended to us was Casa Serena:

          We ended up at the wonderful but more upscale Gecko Beach Club, which opened that first weekend in May for its 3rd season. Also on the southern Platja Migjorn. Ate great meals with sunset views at Blue Bar and the Hotel Real Playa and a great fresh lunch at a beach restaurant west of the hotel -- all within walking distance along the boardwalk.

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            Thanks for the rec. We ended up at a small hotel outside of the old town. Two recommendations for food in the Old Town. 1. Bar San Juan, 8 Cassa Montgri (right in the middle of the melee of restaurants by the port) not a bar and they don't take bookings.. Good simple honest home cooking and not at all touristy which is my thing. My other thing is 1Euro glasses of wine which they have!. Good fun. The other recommendation i could make would be a great Tapa Restaurant El Zaguan, Avgda Bartomeu De Rosselló 15 07800 Eivissa. 1.25 Euro per plate with reportedly over 400 to choose from but we only saw 30 or so! Again cheap wine by the glass. No bookings. All in all Ibiza Town did not have great food but we were very happy with these two restaurants and the quality and price of the food.