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Apr 17, 2010 01:21 AM

Cupcake Question

I apologize in advance for how strange this request may seem. Does anyone know of a bakery or cupcakery in Philly that has bacon chocolate cupcakes on the menu? (For anyone who hasn't had one, by the way... delicious.) Thanks!

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  1. I though I had read in a Yelp review that Philly Cupcake Boutique might have had this flavor at one point (they rotate their flavors and seem to have certain flavors all of the time and specialty flavors on certain days). I'd give them a call. If it wasn't Philly Cupcake then the only other place that comes to mind is Betty's Speakeasy. I know someone had this combination in Philly, but I don't eat bacon so I didn't pay much attention when reading about it. Good luck!

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      I'll try both of those places - thanks, Laura!

    2. Sounds yummy! I was reading about a bacon and maple syrup cupcake that people were raving about. Alas, I think it was in Seattle.

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        I'm in Seattle! I wonder which cupcakery...

        The best bacon chocolate cupcake I've ever had was at Tee & Cakes in Boulder. I had seen it featured on (an article about the popularity of pairing chocolate with bacon), and as I was driving cross country to move to Seattle about six months ago I stopped in Boulder just for the cupcake. (Obviously, it was on my way, but it was so worth the stop!) Here is the recipe and a yummy picture of the cupcake: