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Apr 17, 2010 01:00 AM

Midweek dinner in downtown Santa Cruz? [moved from SF]

My husband and I are planning a mid-week wine tasting get-away to Santa Cruz from San Francisco in May and will be staying at the Adobe on Green B&B in downtown Santa Cruz. Would love to hear of any non-touristy restaurant recommendations, ideally in walking distance? Thank you!!

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  1. My favorites downtown are Soif and Oswald. Soif has the best wine list and the lowest wine mark-up: it's euro centric if that matters. And the food is solid as well. Also downtown is Oswald. While I tend to sit at the bar with a burger and cocktail, they do have a nice wine list as well. Gabriella could also be a good option if you want something more intimate though the wine list is not particularly exciting.

    If you google you can find menus for all of these spots and all in walking distance for you. While not touristy, all will be packed if you are here on the weekend.

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      I had a delicious dinner at Soif last night. The wines are eclectic and interesting, and markup is quite low. I had a glass of the 2007 Occhipinti Il Frappato from Sicily for $12. A bottle at retail sells for roughly $30.

      We shared a side of asparagus, superb seared scallops appetizer, pork belly appetizer, and a halibut entree. All beautifully prepared. Enthusiastic and gracious service.

      It's not cheap--we spent $120 including tax and tip, with the equivalent of two glasses of wine each. But I'd definitely return.

      We then ended up around the corner at Asana tea. Great tea selection and live music. Somehow we resisted the black forest cake, but next time I won't.