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Apr 16, 2010 09:38 PM

Outdoor Lunch in Center City

Hey all,
Looking for somewhere to go for a lunch outside on a Monday in the Center City area. Need a place that doesn't have a lot of seafood/fish on the menu as my girlfriend is allergic.
Was planning on the Water Works, since she loves it there, and it's where we've gone the past two Valentine's Days, but they are closed on Mondays.
This is part of a full day I have planned for her and am trying to find a place that she will like just as much.
Thanks everyone

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  1. Parc on Rittenhouse Square is a lovely spot and the food is wonderful.

    1. M Restaurant at the Morris House Hotel is arguably the nicest outdoor space in the city, and they open for lunch on Monday, April 26. I haven't eaten there since they reopened so I have no idea how the food is, but it really is a beautiful setting.

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        I would also second Parc, but checking out website for M restaurant looks very nice as well-------is this place like a hidden secret??

        1. re: bonappetite

          Yes, I think it may be. Last week I walked by, peeked through the fence, and saw a beautiful wedding reception going on in the courtyard.

      2. The seafood part's the tough part, as I really like the outdoor patio at Raw. But I don't know what their non-fish options are.