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Apr 16, 2010 09:20 PM

Anybody have any reviews for this edition of Detroit Restaurant Week?

It started tonight, and so I'm curious about who went where and had what. I *may* be able to get to *one* place this time around, but I'm pretty cash-poor right now, and even though it's a bargain, I'm having a hard time wanting to dish the cash out. Any details?

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  1. Had dinner at Opus One on Monday night and it was spectacular. The Chilled Shiitake Mushroom and Vegetable Spring Roll, Grilled Peppered Loin of Australian Lamb, and Trio Chocolate Mousse we're my personal favorites.

    As I went with two other people we were able to try just about everything on the menu with the exception of the vegetarian crepes.

    While almost all the dishes were executed well, the three listed above stood out to me. The only miss was the Creme Brulee, which to me has been done to death, and rarely stands out anymore.

    The service was top notch, the place was packed, and when we asked our waiter about the crowds he said they expected to do 150 covers that night, which was way more than he could recall at any time in recent memory.

    On another note, we called The Rattlesnake Club yesterday to try and reserve a spot this week, and they said they're booked solid all week. However, because of the demand they are extending their restaurant week offering into next week as well.

    It's so good to see the city's high end restaurants buzzing even if it is only for two weeks per year. When they economy finally turns around here, hopefully people will remember the positive experiences they had at these wonderful places and return en masse.

    Opus One
    565 East Larned Street, Detroit, MI 48226

    Rattlesnake Club
    300 River Place Dr Ste 1900, Detroit, MI 48207

    1. We went to the 24 Grille in the Bok-Cadillac for Restaurant week and it was phenomenal.
      The filet they offered was absolutely wo fantastic mashed potatoes and asparagus. The frenched pork chop with apples was a delight. Everything tasted so good. The little appetizer of the day was stone crab on Tuesday and it was very tasty. We did not leave a scrap of food. Since it was Tuesday wines were half off also, bonus! The house made ice creams, maple nut and bourban vanilla that day were great.
      It's a really nice room and the service was quite good. We will definately go back.

      We also went to Andiamo Riverfront on the opening night, they were quite busy. We did not eat off of the restaurant week menu. Our food was pretty good, the risotto ball appetizer and the hungarian peppers and sausage were actually a lot better then the veal and the ravioli. The server also kept pushing for add ons continually which was kind of annoying.
      Restaurant week is the best.

      Andiamo Riverfront
      400 Renaissance Ctr Ste A403, Detroit, MI 48243

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      1. re: hooverdoover

        two recent experiences at 24 grille:

        beers on a friday evening and ordered an appetizer of pork tacos - they were excellent. are they getting their pork from the roast kitchen? wow.

        lunch last friday. aligator gumbo, which was unlike any gumbo i have ever had. sure it had trinity and okra and gator tail and gator sausage, but it was more like a cream soup - like they did not cook the roux (i am from the school of marcelle bienvenue ("who's your mama, are you catholic, and can you make a roux?") who says that a good roux should be a cooked about the time it takes to drink two beers (abita turbodog for me) - advice that i have followed many times). i enjoyed it, but it was just different. after the gumbo, i had an ultimate grilled cheese (white american, smoked gouda, cheddar, and gruyere) and it was great. very good service and reasonable prices. i love the place. best walking distance lunch from my office.

      2. I'm sad to have missed Restaurant Week once again. Any other experiences out there? I'm determined to make it next time around.

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        1. re: tokyo

          We had a disappointing experience at the Detroit Fish Market. We went the last day of restaurant week with a group of 6. The crowd was decent but could not be used as an excuse for why we had to repeatedly ask someone to locate our waiter.

          The gumbo and the chowder tasted as if they had been scalded. Our entres were good but desserts (we tried the cheesecake and chocolate cake) were clearly not made in house and were not very good.

          This was our 2nd visit to this restaurant and clearly it's not consistent when it comes to the quality of the food or service.

          Detroit Fish Market - Downtown
          1435 Randolph, Detroit, MI 48226

          1. re: Mint Julep

            The Owners of DFM have been having all kinds of troubles (mainly financial) with their restaurants lately. Seldom Blues went 100% out and Detroit Breakfast House and Grill is from what I hear on its last leg. I think it would be safe to say the same about DFM. The money is short and it is starting to show coming out of the kitchen.

            Gordon Ramsey needs to come on out to Detroit again for a third time....


            1. re: JanPrimus

              I'll call you Mister Prognosticator from now on. You couldn't have been more spot-on, JP, according to the Freep tonight:


              1. re: JanPrimus

       has a story about the Fish Market and the Breakfast Grille closing today

                1. re: JanPrimus

                  Seldom Blues was a nice spot, albeit overpriced. Breakfast House used straight-up canned pie filling for many of their dishes - not acceptable.

                  Breakfast House
                  3111 S Lafountain St, Kokomo, IN 46902

                  1. re: uhockey

                    I had a similar experience to the canned pie filling. At Sweet Georgia Brown's a couple years ago -- which I believe was owned by the same company, the Southern Hospitality Group -- I ordered a salad with raspberry vingarette and it came to the table with a big glob of what looked like raspberry jam in the middle. No vinegar in sight.

                    All the restaurants owned by that company seemed care much more about the ambience and decor than they did food and service.