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Apr 16, 2010 09:19 PM

great delray greek

I have now eaten at Greek bistro ( ) 5 times over a period of maybe two months, Opening a new restaurant in this economic climate is really hard . This place shines IMHO some of the best apps I have eaten in quite some time I do not endorse many resto's but the food is really great.
Thing's I have had
Keftethakia( meatball bites 5.95 ) flavor x 10 great
Skordalin (4.95 Garlic mashed potato dip) really unique
Taramosalata (caviar spread 4.95) good I think not very experienced with caviar
Loukaniko (Greek sausage 5.95) Awesome Flavor
and lastly Greek Pita wrap 6.95 Sorry I have not gotten past the apps but if this is any indication of there food all of it should rock. Very nice people and great service

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  1. thanks for this, will give it a try, the Greeks locally have been average especially the one at Military and Atlantic. Taverna Eros on Atlantic in downtown Delray has great Moussaka and other things but I will try this one. I am craving Taramasalata! I am used to buying it in the UK in all the supermarkets over there but in Florida it's rare to find.

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      I have found this place to be a match for any real Greek standard in the south Florida area

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        what a gorgeous drool-inducing menu! I want to go there!!

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              did you go yet and if so your thoughts, p.s. get the mac-n-cheese at bamboo fire if you go best in the world

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                No, not yet. I still don't get to go out as much as I'd like. I will have to do some naggi... err, I mean asking. :)

    2. I visited Greek Bistro today and found the food to be delicious, The Gyro could stand up to NY Astoria standards, was sliced thin and light on tzatziki sauce, greek salads, and hummus was excellent. Had a osso buco on tonights menu will come back. Try the Calaktoboureko ( greek custard with phyllo light and reasonable $3.50 piece. Service was great as well as prices for Delray

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        that's awesome that you liked it I really try not to recommend places that are not top shelf. so far so good

      2. Ok, So we went there last night for dinner with my parents my wife and my 5yr old. And unfortunately I can't say we had the best experience. It started off with the drinks, and more in particularly my mom's glass of wine. for 6.95 she was served a 1/2 glass of Merlot, But it was the customer service that followed that left a bad taste in out mouth(besides the food)

        What seemed to be the owner or manager came to our table with one of the wine glasses that they used with an 8 oz glass of water to try and show that it really wasn't 1/2 a glass, and when he poured it, it showed out to be more then what was given to my mom, by a good amount. So the response we received was, its what we serve but if it really bothers you I will buy the wine for you. Which we responded no to since we don't want anything for free, if thats how ther serve it we don't like to be that way. So his next response was well then you are more then welcome to leave if you are not happy. At that point I was ready toget up and leave, but since I had my son with us, and didnt want to start traveling around to find another restaurant, we tried to finish our meal there.

        For the App, I ordered the grilled octopus, which was tender, and good, can't complain about that. The greek salad was HORRIBLE, it was a bunch of Feta Cheese thrown on Shredded lettuce with 1/2 a slice of a tomato on the side and a couple of Kalamata Olives on another corner.

        For entree's we ordered Chicken Yuvetsi- Which is chicken with garlic tomatos Olives topped with Feta cheese, it was very heavy handed with the All spice, and not that tasty. The Whole Grilled Snapper, which was grilled on one side only and cooked the rest of the way in the oven, it was ok, but when you turned it over,the other side was grey an unappealing to eat, I had the leg of lamb which was VERY dry, my wife had the Shrimp Santori(Shrimp in a tomato sauce with Feta cheese) also very heavy handed with the Allspice, and it wasnt much of a tomato sauce either, and the shrimp were overcooked.

        So Basically, the menu looked better then the food. I am better going down the road on federal to the other Greek Restaurant, its more south the name doesn't come to mind right now. So stay away from this one...

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          1. After several visits I must say I'm not impressed.

            Last night went with 7 work colleagues. At 5:30, the place was practically empty.

            Yet several of us were served wrong sides, wrong dressings etc.

            For example, I ordered Gyro Platter. It's already kind of weird that this platter is nothing but about half a pound of that sliced processed meat and a huge pile of French Fries. So I asked for alternate sides, waiter suggested vegetables, I asked for that, got fries.

            Another one of our group had a major problem with her entree. She sent it back after eating just one or two bites, she'd already had apps and didn't even ask for a replacement.

            When it appeared on the check, the chef/manager (white hair) came out and was very confrontational with our group - who were all VERY polite. He did not take it off.

            A dumb mistake considering he's not got at least 8 people that will never go here again.

            Rude and arrogant treatment from management.


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              yeah Im surprised this place is still about that shredded lettuce for the greek salad?