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Apr 16, 2010 08:04 PM

Indonesian Food Bazaar

This Sun, in the parking lot next to the mosque.

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  1. I'm not sure how that goofy address was included, but the periodical Indonesian Food Bazaar is in the parking lot behind Masjid Al-Hikmah, the (largely) Indonesian mosque at 48-01 31st Ave., Astoria, Queens. See also:

    Masjid Al-Hikmah
    48-01 31st Ave, Queens, NY 11103

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      Oh, I removed the goofy address. Looked like it was some kind of automatically generated ad thing based on the content of the message, in this case the word "bazaar." I didn't notice it .when the message was posted (was it even there? I tend not to see ads). But there it was, and there was a little "remove" button, which made it go away.

      It's really annoying that something like that would be placed in the body of a message.

    2. I went, it was KILLER. Can't wait for the next one. They happen there every few weeks during the summer, right?

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      1. re: Puppimus

        every month, I believe. I went today too. it seemed more lively than last year. great mix of people.

        1. re: Jeffsayyes

          wow, that's pretty early; totally missed it! next one is in 3-4 weeks?

        1. re: bigjeff

          Thanks so much for the reminder. We love this mosque supper, we only live a couple of blocks away, and yet we only are able to make it a few times a year. Tomorrow is going to be one of those times - hooray!

        2. sounds awesome. any specific recommendations for today?

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          1. re: sabrina0

            Anyone know if there's usually anything vegetarian in the mix at the Indonesian Food Bazaar?

            1. re: round2

              I can happily answer my own question - yes! And what a delicious (and large) assortment of veg options there were, among the many meat & seafood choices. This is a fantastic event - I'm definitely there each time I can make it again in the future. It didn't hurt that this afternoon was a gorgeous, perfect food fair day. Everyone there was extremely friendly & welcoming. It surprised me to find so few who appeared not to be part of the Indonesian community. Thanks to all for the well-deserved bell-ringing!

              1. re: round2

                Wow. I was there (for the first time) at about 1:30 and thought there were almost as many westerners as indonesians.

                1. re: el jefe

                  I was there pretty much at the same time - left close to 2 - and it was my impression that the majority of patrons there were Indonesians. This was certainly the case at the central table, where I managed to coral a seat twice.

                  Good food, good vibe, beautiful day. I had some pretty good grilled fish, some even better shrimp, mixed with rice and curry, string beans, shrimp crackers. The same stall was serving up a very refreshing purple rice-based drink. Didn't catch the name. I also had a soup noodle dish w/ two types of noodles, of varying thickness, with tofu and some excellent fish balls - of a much higher caliber found than in most eateries. Topped it off with that bright green, cold, milky drink. Should have brought a pen and notepad with me, to jot down some names. Was too busy eating.

                  1. re: Polecat

                    Extreme gratitude. I got there at 5:45 today, 45 minutes late. They were still going strong. Warm and friendly people. I felt like I was at an Asian rural market and went crazy. Bought two overstuffed bags of food including: baksi, a meatball soup with noodles, vegetable fritters, rice and meat in banana leaf, an amazing salad with peanut sauce, an anchovie tempeh salad, banana sweets in banana leafs, sesame ball sweets, beef satay with peanut butter sauce (you notice a recurring gastronomic theme here?), extremely fried chicken, yuca samosas, chicken egg rolls, etc. Sorry, I don't know the proper Indonesian names, but everything was delicious. My Jamaican-American girlfriend can't stop raving. Even the Indonesian ice coffee. They're having these every month in the summer--and believe you me, I'll be back.

                    1. re: astoriafoodie

                      wow damn that is a good chunk of takeaway. I'm jealous; didn't make it this time but . . . . I'll be back for the next.

                    2. re: Polecat

                      The green drink is cendol! Pronounced "chen-doll". I love the Indonesian version. (The Malaysian version has too much stuff in it for me.) The cendol at this fair is really fantastic, but you'd better have a serious sweet tooth!

                      1. re: Puppimus

                        Cendol, yes, thanks for that. I've tasted sweeter, actually, but this did push the limit. Gotta love that jade green color as well, like something you'd see being consumed on the original Star Trek. I'd also recommend, for anyone who hasn't been and tried it: it's also pretty heavy, milky and laden with sweet glutenous rice cakes. I'd recommend having it once you're done eating, as it's very filling.

                        It's all coming back to me now: The noodle in broth dish I had was "boso" ("baso"?), and those fish balls were probably so good because, now that I think back on it, they were probably chicken meatballs, In any event, very fresh and good.

                        1. re: Polecat

                          The "noodle in broth dish" may have been mie ayam pangsit and bakso, that is, chicken noodle soup with minced-chicken meatballs:


                          You can also see cendol and many other items from the bazaar in my slideshow:


            2. This was legit. Can't wait for the next one.