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Orlando Convention Center area... Inexpensive vegetarian options? Or authentic Latino?

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I'm going to Orlando for a conference at Rosen Centre Hotel. On a very tight budget. Are there any nice vegetarian dishes sold within walking distance of this hotel? How about a Cuban or other Latino place?
I've been doing some searches but I've never been to the area so I have no idea what's within walking distance. An old post here mentions Pointe Orlando which apparently is by the hotel... Anything good there for someone who doesn't eat fish or meat?
Thanks in advance. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Pointe Cafe
5100 W Lemon St Ste 108, Tampa, FL 33609

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  1. Wow a tough question only because a lot of the restaurants in that area cater to the average family tourist and not towards an alternative food lifestyle such as vegan or vegitarian.

    You may want to think about using the I-Trolley for places that may be a little bit longer than a short walk. It's pretty inexpensive. here is some info on that. http://www.internationaldriveorlando....

    When you say you don't eat fish or meat do you also mean poultry? If not you can find latin cuisine at Pollo Pio Pio I can get their site to come up but urban spoon has a menu you could look at.

    There are several indian restuarants in the area serving up vegetarian items as well. A great one is Tabla Bar and Grill - http://www.tablabar.com/ there is a menu on the site with the vegitairan items towards the bottom of the menu.

    There is an ethopian restaurant on I-drive - Nile Ethopian - http://www.nile07.com They have a menu on their site with vegitarian dishes

    Tabla Bar and Grill
    5827 Caravan Ct, Orlando, FL

    Pio Pio Restaurant
    5752 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

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      The Funky Monkey at Pointe Orlando probably has good options. Also, Cafe Tu Tu Tango, which is nearby, is has a huge and diverse tapas menu.

      Cafe Tu Tu Tango
      8625 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

      Pointe Cafe
      5100 W Lemon St Ste 108, Tampa, FL 33609

      1. re: Rona Gindin

        I almost said Cafe Tu Tu Tango because I love it and go there often. But I was unsure if this poster would appreciate it as much as I do. I know most of their salads contain fish, except for maybe one or two like their strawberry salad, which is delcious. They have a cheese pizza which is yummy. I'm still upset they did away with the stuffed mushrooms that were veggie friendly, I loved those.

        They had a pumpkin pizza, not sure if they still have that or not there menu does change in and out a lot. The spinache dip, the hummus and the sagnaki are all very good as well.

        This is a neat place, and a friend of mine went to a taping of "Unwrapped" there a few months ago, keep your eyes peeled, not sure what they were talking about.

        Just wanted to include the site with menu it may help Rina understand a little bit more about the place http://www.cafetututango.com

        Cafe Tu Tu Tango
        8625 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819