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Apr 16, 2010 06:19 PM

HELP!!! With my Ham

For Easter someone had bought one of those spiral cut honey baked hams....well we were lucky enough to come home with the leftovers....about a quarter of the meat left and the bone. I meant to cut it up and freeze it, but life got in the way and it's been sitting on the bottom shelf on my fridge for almost two weeks now. Think I can still use it? Or should I just pitch it?

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  1. I have some Easter ham leftover as well; I cut what was left in half and froze one piece. The second piece is in my fridge. I made sandwiches with some of it today. I'm still here to talk (type) about it...I'd give it the smell test; no mold no slime, I'd eat it but thats just me.

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      thanks' s not slimy....and is still tastes good.....was just worried about it being out for two weeks

      1. re: cb1

        Ham is cured and seems to last a bit longer than other meat products. Actually, I don't really know if the cure as anything to do with it but salting, curing and smoking were methods used to preserve meats, back in the day, far past normal expiration dates.

        Anyway, as Cheryl wrote, no slime, no mold, no prob. That's my rule, too.

    2. That's why I LOVE this site. I have the same thing, some boneless in my pantry drawer of the fridge, and I've been hesistant to use it, but...............

      I do the same as bushwickgirl and Cherylptw, sniff test and visual inspection. I just make sure I don't tell Mr. Phurstluv, since he is wicked paranoid, and Mr. Food Safety by night!!

      I'm using mine now that I have confirmation.