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Apr 16, 2010 06:04 PM

Lunch in western Fairfield County?

I'm moving back post-university and will be working in the Danbury area. Just want to know
1. Where do you go for casual lunch? On a weekday? On a weekend? For something quick? For something special?
2. What's a reasonable price to expect to pay for lunch in Westchester?
3. Do you order in to the office? From where? As an individual? As groups? How much?

Any cuisine, any type of eating setting (sitting down to counter ordering to food truck, anything)

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  1. pretty broad question. I am in no way a pro on the ct scene but what i do know is you can't beat harvest supper in new cannan for any meal. the serve lunch 3 days out of the week as well as dinner. napa & co in stamford I have heard great thins about as well. schholhouse is great dinner spot in wilton, barcelona's are good. port chester & byram have great choices ranging in prices--look on ny board for these but standouts include tarry lodge, nessa, lolita, firehouse deli (use for lunches delivered to office maybe)...should be a good start.

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      napa and co.

      I've heard good things about burgers, shakes and fries but haven't been there for a casual lunch.

    2. cubanat gives good suggestions but, really, unless you have the most lenient boss and most flexible hours in the world, you're not going to ANY of those places for LUNCH during a work day.

      question 3 makes me wonder if this is your first real job - i would suggest that you plan on brown bagging it for the first few days to get a feel for the office culture. you don't want to be the ONE person running out to get lunch if everyone else works through at their desks...

      but if it turns out that people DO go out to lunch, and if they don't invite you along, then the "where to go" also depends on where you are... "danbury area" is pretty broad. if you're in downtown danbury you might try pancho's tacos for quick and inexpensive and delicious mexican or pho vietnam for (duh) vietnamese. if you're up on federal road you might want to head to the indian restaurant (can't recall the name) or bailey's backyard brookfield for a special lunch. and for every day you can't beat elmer's diner for a quick, delicious, diner meal.

      if by "danbury area" you mean the surrounding towns, then ask specifically about thsoe, because it really does make a difference.

      weekends of course you are only limited by the distance you are willing to travel.

      make sure you head to pawling for texas tacos, jaipore in brewster for indian, and for a really special meal, good news cafe in woodbury, along with the others recommended here.