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Apr 16, 2010 05:53 PM

Every day lunch in Northern Westchester/ Western CT/ or Southern Putnam

I'm moving back to Northern Westchester post-university, and will be working in the area. Just want to know
1. Where do you go for casual lunch? On a weekday? On a weekend? For something quick? For something special?
2. What's a reasonable price to expect to pay for lunch in Westchester?
3. Do you order in to the office? From where? As an individual? As groups? How much?

I'm mostly familiar with Yorktown and Mount Kisco although I'm sure I'm missing things there, really anywhere including and north of Armonk, including and south of Cold Springs or Lake Carmel, anywhere including and East of Danbury?

Any cuisine, any type of eating setting (sitting down to counter ordering to food truck, anything)

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