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Apr 16, 2010 04:50 PM

Best Indian and Asian grocery stores in Vancouver?

Hi all, I am going to be in Vancouver in May, and near the end of my stay I would like to make a couple pit stops at Indian and Asian groceries, mostly for produce and exotic fruit. What are the best Indian and Asian grocery stores to check out? For Indian one of the more exotic things I'd be looking for would be mango ginger and fresh turmeric root, and for Asian I would be into finding tropical fruits. On my last trip to Van I was after top shelf lychees...long story short, I bought a bunch of what seemed like the best lychees available, only to find huge ones still on the stick at the next one I walked into. :\

Anyway, recommendations would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. I have seen turmeric root and mango ginger (white turmeric) at South China Seas Trading on Granville Island. I have seen turmeric at a number of Vietnamese groceries too. I'll have a look around to for more firm recommendations.

    There is a fruit store in Chinatown (Gore and Keefer - San Lee?) that has a good selection of exotic fruit.

    South China Seas Trading
    1689 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H, CA

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      big store on victoria @ 32- nd. a veritable bonanza.

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        Supermarket 88? - Yes one of my favourite places to shop for SEAsian herbs, etc.

      2. Going to be in town soon...if anyone has any recommendations please let me know! I'm curious about tropical and exotic fruit! San Lee sounds promising, but any others?

        I saw some jackfruit here recently but I'd like to get some from closer to the source!

        1. For really authentic Indian stores you'll probably have to make a trip down to Surrey or Delta. Here's a list of a few

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            The traditional "Little India" in Vancouver (Main St @ 49 Ave) seems to be losing their fruit/veggie stores. I think there's a still 3-4, but fewer than before.

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              Yes Fraser Street between 41st & 51st is The place for groceries now, Indian, Chinese and Filipino stores crowd the street-free parking too!