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delicious TAKE OUT sushi in hollywood

Hi! i know the cheap sushi places in Hollywood and the surrounding areas. Anyone have a preference for take out? I find that sushi doesn't all travel the same. Thanks!

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  1. If you want take out and you want cheap, you may as well go to Ralphs.

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      if you're going to go supermarket, go to Whole Foods.

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          i made the suggestion in earnest...

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            I appreciate the importance of being earnest.

    2. If they are not too busy and if you ask nicely, Ike will do take out. Not exactly cheap though.

      1. "delicious take out sushi"
        an oxymoron

        1. Actually, the OP does not say that he desires cheap sushi, but that he KNOWS cheap sushi joints in the area. It may be his intent to figure out which is best or that he desires somethong better. Is unclear. Assuming that one realizes that the sushi will not be at its peak when consumed, this is a legitimate request. Every sushi experience does not have to be an epiphany. Sometimes one just desires something and accepts the compromise. That being said, most sushi places will package to go. I used to do this at Ari-Ya on occasion and it was definitely edible. Better than Ralphs though more expensive. Whole Foods is of reasonable quality for take out, or Bristol Farms for that matter, though I would pass on any other grocery store sushi. Just find a place you like eating at in store and try them out to-go one time. They may give you a bit of disdain, but so what. Your money, your palate. Is any of this Urasawa? No, but eat what you want when you want to.

          Urasawa Restaurant
          218 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

          1. Have you tried M Cafe de Chaya's sushi? I like the Salmon roll, Shiitake-Avocado roll, and the Garden Roll.

            7119 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90046 (323) 525-0588

            SUSHI A LA CARTE
            featuring organic & sustainably harvested fish and seafood

            Spicy Tuna Roll 2 pcs. $2.75
            chopped tuna, spicy soy mayo, cucumber, avocado, & toasted sesame

            Spicy Shrimp Roll 2 pcs. $2.75
            chopped shrimp, spicy soy mayo, cucumber, avocado, & toasted sesame

            Salmon California Roll 2 pcs. $2.75
            flaked organic salmon, avocado, & cucumber

            Shiitake-Avocado Roll 2 pcs. $2.25
            sweet soy-glazed shiitake, cucumber, avocado, & toasted sesame seed

            Garden Hand Roll $2.25 each
            avocado, cucumber, carrot, chives, seasoned tofu, umeboshi paste, & fresh shiso leaf

            Inari Sushi $2.00 (veg) | $2.50 (seafood)
            organic brown sushi rice stuffed inside a seasoned tofu pouch and garnished with a selection of tasty toppings
            choice of: Tuna Tataki, Braised Shiitake, or Cucumber-Gari

            SUSHI COMBOS
            featuring organic & sustainably harvested fish and seafood
            Vegetable Sushi Combo $8.00
            4 pcs Shiitake-Avocado Roll, 1 pc Garden Hand Roll, 1 pc Cucumber-Gari Inari

            Spicy Roll Combo $8.00
            3 pcs Spicy Tuna Roll, 3 pcs Spicy Shrimp Roll

            Seafood Sushi Combo $9.50
            2 pcs Salmon California Roll, 2 pcs Spicy Shrimp Roll,
            1 pc Tuna Tataki Inari, 1 pc Cucumber-Gari Inari

            Mixed Sushi Combo $9.50
            1 pc Spicy Tuna Roll, 1 pc Spicy Shrimp Roll, 1 pc Salmon California Roll, 1 pc Garden Hand Roll, 1 pc Braised Shiitake Inari, 1 pc Tuna Tataki Inari

            M Cafe De Chaya
            7119 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

            1. I ordered delivery from Ajito Sushi the other night and was very happy with the results. Both the delivery driver and the hostess that took my order were very friendly. Most importantly, the rolls were huge, tasted great and they certainly didn't skimp on the fish (I got a Fountain roll and a To Heaven roll). Both were delicious and I'd definitely order from there again.

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                What the heck is a Fountain Roll and a To Heaven Roll?

                Just wondering

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                  LOL - yes the names are definitely more on the creative side :) Their Fountain roll is spicy tuna on the inside and yellowtail on the outside topped with jalepeno and masago. The To Heaven roll is wrapped in cucumber (no rice) filled with pieces of tuna, salmon, red snapper, shrimp and crab meat. Both were really good - after writing that now I am hungry and craving sushi!


              2. I second M Cafe--very fresh, healthy and filling but sometimes can be bland! Affordable, not "cheap". If you want the cheap route, I recommend Kabuki--a small chain that is pretty good and their happy hour is insanely cheap! Another good affordable choice is Shin Taro on Franklin & Highland and its great to dine-in too.

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                  few places will let you take your food 'to go' from their happy hour offerings.

                2. I went completely off board, but ended up going to MURAKAMI on Wilcox just north of Hollywood. They were really nice people and the sushi was so fresh! I was SHOCKED at how fresh and melt in your mouth good it was. I was really hungry and got a bowl topped with fish and a roll, and I couldn't eat it all (big guy, bug appetite). Don't expect the bowls to be piled up with fish, but it is definitely a fair amount for the price. I think its all the rice that was filling. I will go back there again and again. Parking does suck though.

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                    Glad to hear you did the Chowound thing, ignored the naysayers, and went off board. Follow your stomach.