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Apr 16, 2010 03:37 PM

ISO good decaf dark roast-whole bean

I've developed a taste for dark-roast coffee but have to switch to decaf, and although decaf coffee beans are widely available, I'm finding it difficult to locate a good decaf DARK roast. Graffeo decaf is good but not nearly dark enough. I'm beginning to think decaf espresso bean might be my best bet. I'm open to any & all advice! Would prefer to buy in person but will resort to mail order if necessary. Thanks!

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  1. you might try the Peets DECAF MOCHA JAVA.
    (it is the only one in their decaf line that is decaffeinated using water process.)
    virtually all of peets coffees are dark roasted.
    if you buy 1/2 lb, they will offer you a free cup of brewed coffee. you can specify that your free cup be decaf, and thereby you will probably be getting to sample another one of their decaf offerings.
    imho, avoid the peets on westwood blvd for this purchase. to my palate, the brewed coffee served there is not up to snuff, and certainly not up to the quality provided by all the other peets i've ever tried.

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    1. re: westsidegal

      I assume you refer to the Westwood Blvd. location just south of SM Blvd. as opposed to the one in the Village on Westwood, a block north of Wilshire.
      But Peet's is a very good selection for dark roast decaf.

      1. re: carter

        that is correct.
        the place south of SM blvd is the one that can't seem to get the brewed coffee right.

        1. re: westsidegal

          Peet's in BH makes a good cuppa for drip.

          And I second the Mocca Java rec - Actually, most of their decafs are quite good, and definitely the best I've found for consistency/price.

    2. For what kind of coffee drink? Drip, espresso, lattes, mochas?
      I order from for my lattes
      You could try or Jones Coffee in LA

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      1. re: dlew308

        Sorry I wasn't more specific. I usually grind for French press (for hot coffee) and occasionally for automatic drip (for iced coffee).

      2. Check out Lamill Coffee. I've purchased their decaf in the past and it's pretty good stuff. They have decaf espresso and a couple other decaf coffees.

        1. Thanks for these recommendations!