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Apr 16, 2010 02:49 PM

NW Suburbs Catering Ideas?

We're having a large (100+) party for our son's graduation with tent, band, etc. in our backyard this June. We're looking for a reasonably priced way to feed everyone--catered!! In the NW suburbs; looking for something fun. . .anyone have any ideas or recommendations?

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  1. Buffet? Do you need setup? Do you need servers?

      1. re: ltrost

        Well, reasonably priced and fun can mean different things to different ppl. If you did not need setup, I would suggest a Mexican grocery store I use in Wheeling. Cheap/ good (not great) Mexican food, and it's always a big hit. They only do trays of food tho. If you need setup, I would suggest looking around at "full service" Mexican restaurants. Some might offer free setup.

        Side note: Not sure if it would work out to be cheaper or not, but there are rental places for chafing dishes. A buffet setup would be not much more than a table, chafing dishes, serving / eating utensils, napkins, and paper plates. I'd give a thought to doing your own setup - just a thought.

        Also, "fun" made me think of BBQ. I have absolutely no experience with this, but I'm certain that the folks who have those smoker trailers do parties. Again, I have no idea what the prices might be, but it sounds like fun (and delicious fun, at that) to me.

        1. re: ltrost

          IF BBQ sounds interesting, I do know a guy who has one of those smoker trailer things, and he does parties. The restaurant name is J.D Kadd's. Think it's in Park Ridge. 847-825-3125 ask for JD. I have had his pulled pork and brisket and beans on two diff occasions. I like em a lot. I didn't pay for the stuff, no idea about prices. Just a thought.