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Apr 16, 2010 01:20 PM

Grocery Stores and Markets close to Termini Station - ROME

I'll be staying in the Suite Dreams hotel close to Termini and I was wondering where can I stock up on beverages and snacks since we have a refrigerator in our bedroom.

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  1. If you walk from your hotel to Santa Maria Maggiore, there is a department store on the corner of Via Carlo Alberto facing the front of the basilica. In the lower level of that store is a grocery store which has fresh fruits and vegetables, wine, water, soft drinks, dairy products, and a deli counter for meats and cheeses. Also a small bakery section where they make hot breads which you can also take out. They even have a fresh seafood counter. But you can find most of what you want to eat and maybe some special things you' want to take back home.