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Apr 16, 2010 12:52 PM

Not making the same thing for a year?!?!

Can you really go a year and not make the same thing? That is amazing to me. I think I could go maybe a month. How do you do that?

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  1. I could, but I don't. If your priority is not repeating, you can't take full advantage of sales or buying fresh produce in season. Current thread dealing with this question:

    1. You would be Julie whatshername from the Julia and Julie movie if you did that.

      I like repeating favorite foods. It's comfortable to me. Eating a different meal every day for a year kind of scares me. If I go two weeks without repeating at least one favorite, I get antsy. lol

      1. Eating the same thing all the time is for chumps.

        s/ Jared (of Subway fame)

        1. On the other hand, I'm making Thanksgiving turkey dinner only ONCE a year, since I'm the only cook in my family AND I don't like turkey.

          1. Funny you mention this - I'm having this exact challenge but with a twist. Last year I realized I was in a total cooking rut so made myself start cooking other people's recipes - from cookbooks, magazines, blogs, websites, you name it I cooked it.

            Somehow, I managed to complete over 300 new to me recipes in 2009. Have started afresh in 2010 and while I'm almost at 100, my goal is to do 365 new recipes. There were a lot of winners in last years bunch so it's really hard not to go back to some of the better recipes.

            I'll admit, I've been back to the well twice (but not in the last month) - once for a Peruvian Aji Chicken recipe from here on Chow and a second time for this Ribeye rubbed with a fennel rosemary rub (amazing).

            It's not easy to not repeat but can be done if you have an open mind and willing palate.