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Apr 16, 2010 12:35 PM

Heart - SF Mission - food by Kitchenette

This is maybe more of a wine bar with serious food than a restaurant. Great selection of wines, limited but good selection of bottled beer (no draft). We'd already had a massive lunch of sisig and crispy pata, so only tried a couple of things.

"Fibrillation" ($5) salty fried Monterey sardines, peanuts, green onions, jalapenos, lime: really good bar snack, not like anything I've had before.

Nuts ($3): sweet-salty, like Beer Nuts.

Really appealing menu, low prices, I'm looking forward to going back and trying more.

Heart Wine Bar
1270 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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  1. We were there on a rainy night and it was a perfect setting, warm and cozy. Three of us shared the goat tacos with goat cheese, which i found excellent - succulent, crispy, and not too goaty (which was important to one of our party); the pork belly sliders - good but not out-of-this-world; the rancho gordo heirloom bean stew - very earthy; the charcuterie and farmstead cheeses, with their accompaniments - loved all, good pairings. also shared all three desserts, and my favorite by far was the fabulous sticky pudding with bourbon sauce and creme fraiche - a heavenly bite. I can't for the life of me remember the wines we tried, all white, but they had these great little whimsical descriptions - like, "holy crap this is good" or something like that. A fun place, and i'm dying to go back and try the rest of the menu. so far, it doesn't look like it changes that often, but it's only been open for, what, two months? They have a half-price sherry Happy Hour, and they'll have different events, like the April 25th Outside In ("street" food inside) with wine pairings.

    Heart Wine Bar
    1270 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

    1. I tried Heart a while back and I did not Heart it.
      They serve the wine in mason jars. While I am not a huge wine snob, this just did not float my boat. Mainly because they failed to dry the jars properly so you'd get dishwater from the rim with each sip of wine, not ideal for tasting. Kinda yucky.
      I like the idea of it, and I love Kitchenette, but for me the place seems jayvee; trying too hard to be casual so it ended up feeling contrived.
      Maybe I am too old for it? I think if I was in my early twenties it might appeal a bit more--though the clientele on the night I was there ranged in age quite a bit.
      Also the food was just OK, not as delish as a typical lunch at Kitchenette.

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        I, too, am not a wine snob -- at least not *exactly* -- and I, too, was kinda annoyed by the mason jars. While this could be romantic on a picnic (and I'd love it), and while I've had great wine out of crappy stemware, in this case I mostly just find it faux-ghetto precious, and not a great way to appreciate their (pretty great) wine selection.

        The good news, though? They have nice glasses! All you have to do is ask! (I know, because I was so disappointed with my first Mason jar that I gave the waitress an imploring look when she came back around -- and she returned with nice glasses.)

      2. Also open for brunch on Sat & Sun. Menu looks good. I've had plans to go fall apart twice, so can't comment. But if it's anything like Kitchenette, it should be fantastic.

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              my review is at the top, under the initial posting.

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                Sorry, your direct response was to my mention of the brunch menu. Your review above says you went at night. So I thought you were saying you liked brunch too. The menu is a little different then.

        1. I have been a few times, mostly for drinks but have tried the food too.

          Drinks: I don't care how "casual" the wine bar, mason jars are not appropriate for drinking any kind of wine (or beer for that matter). They should use proper stemware instead of trying to dumb down the experience. I will go there and order a cheap glass of wine, but would never consider spending money on a good bottle, or ordering sparkling wine. No one should ever drink sparkling wine out of a mason jar. I have tried it at Heart and that is the least successful drinking glass I can imagine for even the cheapest cava.

          Food: I have had the following food:

          House fermented salt pickles - excellent, nice spicing, not too much sugar
          La Quercia Ham - definitely the best US made prosciutto I've had. Obviously no cooking skills involved but nice to have with some cheese.
          Farmstead cheese plate - the mix is nice; not a great cheese destination but appropriate for the vibe of the restaurant.
          Raw Dayboat Scallops - delicious and good quality scallops
          Coers Lite Salad - fantastic dressing and interesting combination of vegetables
          Pork Belly Sliders - a little bland, but the meat was good quality. Probably just needs more salt.

          All in all, if you are in the area and want a casual nibble and a decent glass of wine, Heart is just fine. It's not a destination for food (nor is it meant to be) and because of the mason jars I would not consider it a serious wine bar.

          Heart Wine Bar
          1270 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110