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Apr 16, 2010 11:52 AM

Best Poke on Oahu? (Need nearby Waikiki and North Shore suggestions, will have car)

I heard Poke Stop, but would love some other ideas particularly for the North Shore. Got some from Foodland last trip, but I know there is better Poke out there, just where????

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  1. Tamura's on Waialae in Kaimuki has great poke. Also Ruger Market near Diamond Head
    is wonderful. Fresh Catch also on Waialae is good too. Poke Stop will be featured on May 3rd on Diner's Drive In's and Dives. Their eggplant fries are really really good! I've made them at home and it's a great side item!

    1. Poke Stop is definitely excellent. I have also heard great and wonderful things about Ono Seafood in Kapahulu.

        1. Poke Stop and Tamura's are the best, do not know about Costco - but wouldn't you rather support local business rather than the megalomart that is Costco ?

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            Actually the garlic shrimp they have are quite good. They refer to it as poke but it's just a great cold shrimp dish, someone brought it to our party a couple weeks ago. Oddly enough the Kaneohe Safeway does a good job on poke same party someone brought some from there, the edamamae they sell is good too, not as good as Roy's but pretty good.

            1. re: btcol

              Don't they hire local people?
              Besides, can't get Poke and Hawaiian sun in any other Costco but in HI...
              Wish they had the local stuff where I live, especially the hawaiian sun drinks . Would be alot cheaper instead of paying $3.29 plus crv for a six pack......

              1. re: flylice2x

                touche'! Agree! Nothing wrong with Costco, like I said they have a great shrimp poke.

            2. I think there was a Top 10 list in one of the papers not so long ago, but I can't find it to save my soul. You might contact Nadine Kam and the other restaurant critic and ask them.