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Sourcing Lobsters and Lobster Bibs (Downtown)

I'm looking to purchase 8-10 1.5-2lb live lobsters today or tomorrow, somewhere in or near the core. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best places to go, both in terms of quality and price?

Also, if anyone had any ideas on where to purchase lobster bibs, I'm all ears!

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  1. I buy my my lobster at Bill's Lobster on Gerrard St East, just east of Broadview. Although you can also buy lobsters at T&T on Cherry St, I got a bunch of inedible ones last year so won't recommend buying them there.

    Bill's Lobster
    599 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

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      Inedible - how so? have not had a bad experience from T&T yet although they tend to be less than 1 lb.

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        Mushy meat inside that throughly grossed out the guests. We just tossed them out and my wife told me not to shop there for seafood again.

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          Mushy meat means the lobsters have been in the tank too long. Once a lobster is put into a tank for sale they aren't fed.

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            The only reason I bought those lobsters at T&T is that they had a big sale and I couldn't resist those prices. But after getting bad lobsters, it was no deal at all. Now I stay with what I know is good.

    2. Bill's is the best downtown, for sure. Chat with them, they are incredibly passionate about what they are selling and love to discuss how best to prepare what they're selling you.

      Bibs, can't help you there!

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        I second Bill's Lobster. They are a nice bunch of people and always take the time to explain your purchase and cooking methods to you.

        Bill's Lobster
        599 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

      2. I picked up a couple of live 1 1/2 pound lobsters at Bill's Lobster and boiled them up for dinner tonight. Currently $8.99/lb. Strangely, one of the lobsters was way more flavourful and sweeter than the other.

        Bill's Lobster
        599 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

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          I picked up one live lobster today at T&T Milliken, and I'll steam it in a couple of hours. If it's good I'll post photos. If not, well...the price was the same, $8.99/lb.
          I picked from a tank that had a lot of moribund lobsters. Two belly up. This never happened before, but T&T used to be independent. I chose one that had some life left in her (staff confirmed it was a female) and was able to speed backward in the tank.
          Frankly, most were rejects today, and I'm not sure this is the fault of the seller: lobsters are held in a huge pound for weeks and months in the Maritimes (our tax dollars built the pound). At this time of year they will be caught sometime earlier.

          Why does Milliken restaurant appear in this this post, mods?

          Milliken Restaurant
          7725 Birchmount Rd, Markham, ON L3R9X3, CA

        2. St. Lawrence market, some seafood markets and some dollar stores carry the lobster bibs but it is hit or miss. When Ikea has craw dad season usually mid may, they carry quite fancy bibs.

          1. I had a good lobster from T&T yesterday. I haven't really had a bad one from them, but I pick carefully. The second photo shows the two small egg spinnerets of the female, which is preferable for a tender, juicy lobster.
            This one was priced at $9.50, and the service was good.

            1. Saw bibs today at the Dollarama in the Dufferin Mall. Two differnt styles, even! Don't know if they have them at every Dollarama, but it might be worth a peek. They were in the outdoor living/barbecue aisle, though, not the regular kitchen one.

              Other than that, bibs are the kind of thing I could imagine Tap Phong carrying, although that's just a guess.

              Tap Phong
              360 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

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              1. re: tbonetak

                They're definitely not at every Dollarama, been checking for bibs at a few locations for awhile to no avail. Don't think they're at Markham/Lawrence in Scar, and Dufferin/Clarke in Thornhill among others. Thanks Tbonetak, will try to check Dufferin Mall this week.

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                  Ended up buying bibs at the Dufferin Mall Dollarama last month, 10 plastic bibs for $1.
                  Thanks again.

                  Dufferin Cafe
                  2917 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6B3S7, CA

                2. Thanks for the advice everyone. Due to time constraints, we ended up doing a quick buzz through Chinatown and checked out a few grocery stores' lobster selection.

                  We bought 10x 1.25 lb'ers at $6.99 from the grocery store on the West side of Spadina, North of Dundas. All 10 of the lobsters were fresh and tasty, but 4 of them had either no right or left claw, or had a seriously undergrown claw. The lesson is to look at each lobster as they're being taken from the tank.

                  The lobster bibs were found at the St. Lawrence Market, as were lobster-shaped crackers. The crackers were pretty much garbage though - they didn't fit around the claws, and when they did, the lobsters slipped right out.

                  In addition to the lobsters, we purchased 40 Oysters from Oyster Boy on Queen West. Each one was amazing, fresh, and well received by our guests. If you go there, make sure you ask for their accompanying toppings. I generally each oysters raw, or with a bit of lemon juice, but these home-made sauces were great.

                  Oyster Boy
                  872 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J1G3, CA

                  St. Lawrence Market
                  92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

                  1. I bought five 1.5lb lobsters at Diane's Seafood last Friday, for the ridculous price of $8.88 a pound. They were divine. Not sure if that price is here to stay, but for $13.50 a lobster, I know what I'll be making much more often...