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Apr 16, 2010 11:17 AM


Anyone see any in the area?

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  1. Berkeley Bowl often has them in season.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      definitely saw them at both locations last weekend.

    2. Far West Funghi in the Ferry Bldg often has them in season on Saturdays. Check tomorrow. I think they are around since they were on the menu at Frances the other night - though almost undetectable in the one dish I ordered where they were prepared with farro.

      1. Cupertino Farmer's market had them today; I've also seen them at Draegar's in season.

        1. Thanks everyone, I hadnt seen them yet this year. II will be on look out.

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          1. re: celeryroot

            Are ramps the same plant as those wild onions that pop up everywhere around here this time of year?

            1. re: ernie in berkeley

              Im not sure, the ones I have always bought are redish. The ones that I have popped up all over my property are very small white bulbs and very strong onion flavored leaves and little white flowers. Anyone know???? l live along Russian river in redwoods and oaks.

            2. I wondered the same thing last year around this time, and have heard they can be found at Rainbow Grocery and Far West Funghi. They're not widely available, though, because they have a season of only about six weeks, and they're native to the Eastern Seaboard.

              Rainbow Grocery
              1745 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103

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              1. re: t.susannah.chen

                They didnt have them at Rainbow yesterday.

                1. re: celeryroot

                  Did you look in the section that has foraged produce, rather than farmed produce? It's the back side of the produce island that has onions and potatoes on it.

                  1. re: celeryroot

                    As I had guessed they would be, they were at Far West Funghi last Saturday.

                    They are native in the Appalachians.