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Apr 16, 2010 11:10 AM

Black pepper crab in Vegas?

Does anyone know if there is a restaurant in Las Vegas that serves Black Pepper Crab? Going to Vegas for our anniversary and would love to surprise my husband with a great meal...Black Pepper Crab is his favorite but he's only eaten it in Singapore. I can't seem to find a restaurant that serves it anywhere in the US!

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  1. Sadly, a long run though the menu drawer comes up empty. Plenty of places in Chinatown for fresh crabs, including some that come close (Salt & Pepper, Chili Garlic, etc.), but no exact replications. Zine at the Palazzo specifically lists "Singapore Style Pan Fried Crab with Chili", but not the Black Pepper version, and neither of the two prominent Malaysian restaurants, Penang or Satay Grille, have it on the menu. A shame - having seen it prepared on some travel shows it would be wonderful to try.