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Apr 16, 2010 11:02 AM

Graduation Dinner end of May beginning of June: BYOW ~25-30 people

Hi guys.

I am graduating soon from university and my mom and I are going to put together a graduation dinner for myself for family (uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins etc).

I think my mom has like26 people so far but it could be around 30. We are looking for a BYOW that will fit the bill. My mom and I are huge foodies and even though we don't live in the same country anymore we love to talk about food and she rightfully credits that I got my taste buds and my love of fine foods from her.

So here is a list of restaurants I saw from Chowhound that could be appropriate. Does anyone have suggestion or can rule restaurants out because there simply isn't enough space?


Le P'Tit plateau
La Colombe
Les Infideles
O Thym
A L'Os
Le Bleu raisin
Zeste de Folie
Les Heritiers

(L'academie is out of the question, so is Eduardo's but I know those restaurants have the capacity to fit that number)

So does anyone have any suggestions? many thanks ahead of time.

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  1. Can you give us an idea of budget, and day of the week? Some of these restaurants might not mind giving you a Wednesday evening, for example, but not a Saturday.

    And P'tit Plateau is quite small - I doubt they'd be willing to accommodate a group that size any night, although I could be wrong.

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    1. re: cherylmtl

      Thank you all. I am not sure for the day of the week yet and I was thinking around maybe $45 per plate, I wonder if they have some kind of group menu for that price?

      Yes I should call some of these place I was just seeing which one would be recommendations.

      1. re: CharlesMartin

        $45 a head should be quite doable.

        The easiest solution would be a resto with a separate room. Besides the already mentioned La Colombe (recommendable) and Bitoque (mixed reviews from trustworthy palates of my acquaintance), there's the recommendable Christophe, which has an upstairs room that's a little less fancy than the main room downstairs but would probably be exactly the right size for your group.

        The other solution would be to take over a restaurant for all or part of a night. Some are more open to this than others. Le Bleu Raisin, for example, has done this in the past, as has L'Entrepont. On the other hand, I've never heard of Le P'tit Plateau (which, I believe, could accommodate 25 and maybe 30) doing it. Still, if you called far enough ahead of time and reserved, say, the second seating on a Thursday and all ordered from the regular menu, what difference would it make to them? Anyway, it's worth a shot.

        1. re: carswell

          I trust your recommendations, it is just inconvenient that some of these places do not have websites like P'tit Plateau and La Colombe. If le P'tit plateau would give us a seating that would be really cool.

          This is also unrelated but since you seem to know so much I won't need to start a thread for this: have you had the cockentrice from DNA or know someone who has because I would really like to try it out with a few friends.

          1. re: CharlesMartin

            «it is just inconvenient that some of these places do not have websites like P'tit Plateau and La Colombe»

            It is regrettable that they're sans websites, though it's easy to understand why they are. That said, I'm pretty sure that local hounds could answer just about any questions you have, so ask away.

            «have you had the cockentrice from DNA or know someone who has because I would really like to try it out with a few friends»

            Sorry but no. Unfortunately. Like you, I'd love to read a report from anyone who has.

          2. re: carswell

            I think the issue would be that, even if a place can seat 25 or 30, whether the kitchen is up to preparing 30 meals at the same time for a group - many smaller places can't (and therefore won't) do this. Again, it never hurts to ask...

      2. I can tell you right now for a fact Ptit Plateau and à l'Os cannot accomodate a group of that size. The others, a few might ( I heard Bitoque has a large room downstairs).

        I would recomment taking 10 minutes, sitting down and calling all those places to check if a group that size is possible, because a group of 25-30 people is a BIG criteria for a higher end BYOB. I really see this 10 minutes as considerably reducing your list, you might end up with only a handful of options at that point.

        1. I've heard of someone who had a private party upstairs at La Colombe so that might be good one to start with. I've always been very happy with the meals I've had there.

          1. P'tit Plateau has been wlling to accommodate a group with reservations, I would contact them two weeks before the event.

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            1. re: Nancee Swartz

              Thanks Nancee, my mother and I will begin contacting restaurants, I hope I find a good one!