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Apr 16, 2010 10:44 AM

Edmonton Recommendation Please - 50th birthday dinner

I am looking for a non-chain restaurant that would be suitable for my Uncle's 50th birthday party. Just a smallish family gathering (around 10 adults & one 3 year old) Does Culina have a private room? Something mid-price range, not too stuffy (because of the little one) and the age ranges of the attendees.

Any help would be great, I have a few ideas but would love the hear of anyones experiences, my Uncle is pretty eccentric and fun so I'd like to do something a little different for him and his partner.

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  1. Culina doesn't have private rooms but the southside location does have long tables that can be set up. Both restaurants are relatively small.

    If you want something really different (assuming you're not Asian) what about going to someplace like Golden Rice Bowl and doing a multi-course banquet dinner? You have to order ahead of time and you could even add something like Peking Duck to your meal.

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      what about a Tatami room at a sushi place? I know Mikado has them. There may be other rooms at other sushi places too.

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        Also a good idea. Off the top of my head I can think of Mikado, Kyoto downtown, Shogun... even Zen (all you can eat style) has tatami rooms.

    2. Also something fun and entertaining is Japanese village its great for the family!

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        Do not go to Japanese Village. It is awful. There so many better Japanese restaurants in town.

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          Yes there is better Japanese restaurants such as Mikado and they have the best sashimi. Entertainment wise and good food I say Japanese Village is good for quality of food forsure Mikado

      2. Thanks for the tips. Everyone, I knew someone would help me with something I wouldn't have thought of myself :-)

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          There is an Italian place downtown called Pazzo Pazzo. We have gone there for family celebrations, we like it because you can have everything served family style. That is, big bowls of a few types of pasta and salad that everyone passes around and shares. The food is quite good, I really like the puttanesca.

        2. Went to Il Pasticcio for a Christmas party before - lively Italian restaurant. They bring food out on platters, served family style. Good service and food.