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How long is Tahini good for?

Bazel Apr 16, 2010 10:31 AM

I have a can of Tahnini in the fridge - how long should it be good for? I live in a warm climate so the pantry is too warm to store in.


  1. g
    gfr1111 May 19, 2012 06:36 AM

    How about freezing it in small quantities? Will that work or is it a bad idea?

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    1. re: gfr1111
      magiesmom May 19, 2012 06:40 AM

      no, it gets weirdly textured and lasts very long in the fridge.
      Mixed with yogurt it makes a nice dip.

    2. j
      jquinnjr Apr 25, 2010 11:10 AM

      I agree with DGresh and many of the others.

      How old are you? If you're over 30, it will probably last longer than you will, providing it's stored cold and airtight...<grin>

      1. mels Apr 18, 2010 04:16 PM

        I just finished up my jar of tahini today that has been in my fridge for about a year. If it does go rancid you will be able to immediately tell by doing a quick sniff/taste test.

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        1. re: mels
          Val Apr 18, 2010 04:29 PM

          Mels, yes--the nose "knows." So many co-workers say "gee, do you think my blah-blah-blah is still good?" I say "give it the smell test...then if you can't tell right off the bat, take a tiny taste...you'll know."

        2. gansu girl Apr 18, 2010 04:01 PM

          Tahini is good for so many things - sweet and savory. I love salad dressings using tahini. There's this recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies w/tahini I've been meaning to try - looks great and I have good luck w/Eating Well's recipes: http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/oatmeal_chocolate_chip_cookies.html. I made this chicken/spinach dish w/a tahini sauce and it was delicious: http://www.semisweetonline.com/2010/02/10/sesame-garlic-chicken-spinach-with-tahini-sauce-and-roasted-peanut-quinoa/. Or you can mix Greek yogurt, tahini, kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper to taste and a drizzle of lemon juice and use it to top steamed green beans. Possibilities are endless!


          1. d
            DGresh Apr 16, 2010 11:14 AM

            In my personal experience, as long as it's in the fridge, it doesn't go bad. I'm sure I've kept tahini for WELL over a year in the fridge with no effect on it.

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            1. re: DGresh
              Val Apr 16, 2010 11:23 AM

              +1 for what DGresh said...I live in SWFL and keep mine in fridge...keeps for long time. Doesn't hurt to taste it first though if you are worried about rancidity and it's very old.

              1. re: Val
                jvanderh Apr 16, 2010 12:01 PM

                This is good news. I just spent like 8 bucks on a big jar.

                1. re: jvanderh
                  Val Apr 16, 2010 12:23 PM

                  Do you use it mostly for making hummus? I do and then I try to figure out new ways to use it so that it isn't just sitting in there for so long...I do like it also in salad dressings!

                  1. re: Val
                    jvanderh Apr 16, 2010 12:53 PM

                    Yeah, I've only ever used it for hummus. What else can it go in?

                    1. re: jvanderh
                      DGresh Apr 16, 2010 01:02 PM

                      I just made this carrot and tahini soup a few days ago (it was in the New York Times last week). My husband and I loved it (though I will warn that neither of my two teenagers really liked it).


                      1. re: jvanderh
                        Val Apr 16, 2010 01:02 PM

                        jv, I've been making this tahini vinaigrette lately and I really love it...the salad is very good too, especially the grilled red onion, but you can put the vinaigrette on any dark green salad which I've also done:

                        1. re: jvanderh
                          dmd_kc Apr 16, 2010 01:05 PM

                          It can go in a million things. It's not my favorite ingredient in the world, but I do like it with roasted cauliflower, as in this recipe:


                          This thread has some ideas:


                          1. re: dmd_kc
                            Val Apr 16, 2010 01:08 PM

                            LOL...hey, that chowhound thread is one started by...ME! Way back in '05...looks like I went in a different direction entirely with the salad dressing, though!

                            1. re: Val
                              dmd_kc Apr 16, 2010 01:09 PM

                              I noticed the irony! That fish recipe does look pretty fantastic, so I plan to give it a go.

                              I forgot to note that the cauliflower recipe above is much better with a clove of garlic minced finely into the dressing.

                              1. re: dmd_kc
                                jvanderh Apr 17, 2010 04:20 PM

                                Why thank you, everyone!!

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