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Apr 16, 2010 10:16 AM

HELP! My heart wants a 16.25 Inch high-sided skillet. AND... What is your craziest cookware purchase that worked out (or didn't)??

I've recently come across a rather nice used 16.25 inch dia. thick old copper skillet with tin lining. It is beautiful and heavy, and I am COVETING it. However, I have a standard size gas stove with no special burners. I love making large batches, so the size really appeals. Of course, the romance of the pan is primarily what is drawing me, I believe.

So, the question is: Silly as it may sound, would cooking across two burners for this work/distribute evenly? Or even a single burner since it conducts so well? O course, part of the pan might be hanging off the side of my stove if went with the single burner.

Oh my, I sound ridiculous, don't I? Ah well, the heart wants what the heart wants, but could it still be "practical"? I want to USE the pan. Not a showpiece....

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  1. I would buy it out from under you if I had the chance.

    Get it. No thinking, no apologies, no excuses.

    1. I recently came across the oppurtunity to get, for FREE, a Lecreuset 15.5 qt "goose pot"-I thought along the same lines as it practical? Will it fit in my oven? Will I ever use such a massive pot?? I could have used the opportunity to get something more practical, but instead i chose the goose pot! It's a 'once in a lifetime' shot, b/c i KNOW i'd never buy a goosepot.

      I say...GO FOR IT!!!!

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        Oh My, I looked up the LC Goose Pot- How amazing is that thing??!! Big n' Beautiful!
        I wish this pan were free.... I would snatch it up in a moment if it were. I'm a little worried my SO will think I've gone 'round the bend if/when I bring this behemoth home.... Also, will I be able to move it off the stove? Does it matter? :D

        So, Can I cook in it with my dinky stove or will I have to get an outdoor burner to enjoy this?

      2. yes, it will work across two burners on my nothing special KA gas stove. My copper roasting pan does, and it is 2" longer. I'd snag it if I were you.

        1. actually re-read the caption and saw the 2nd question this time. Once I had a gift cert. for W-S and bought a pomme vapeur. They are so darned cute. I use it a LOT. I know anything else with a rack in the bottom would work, but since it is there I eat a lot more steamed new potatoes with butter and fresh parsley. I also use it to steam other vegetables but do not steam nearly as much since I discovered roasting green vegetables. I hope you have bought the pan by now. Ever since I got a big (14") ) frypan, I almost never cook a chicken breast wihout flattening it first. Since paillards are thin they do not have to cook nearly as long to be done to the center and, therefore, seem to come out much more juicy. You will use it a LOT if you ever cook for four or more.

          1. It sounds beautiful, and if you can afford it go for it, but tin is tricky. It's very soft, so I wouldn't use any mental utensils, and maybe not even any wood. If you ever get any exposed copper, it'll cost a fortune to re-tin it (I have a huge beautiful copper pot from my grandmother that I really want to use but can't because of some exposed copper. I'll probably wind up just using it to store rice or flour.)

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            1. re: MFalk

              Whoo Hoo! It is now MINE! :D And will likely be my great-grandchildren's, too, I hope.
              I thought about it all yesterday and last night and knew that I really had to bring it home when I started making up little songs about it and singing them in the kitchen.

              My oh, my, it is massive and gorgeously weathered from years of use. My thanks to everyone for encouraging me to go for it- special thanks to Ernie, who was the first to reply & made me start believin'! :)

              MFalk, I hope you can have your pan retinned eventually!

              Tim, Thank you for the info on using double-burners. Yes, the pomme vapeurs are indeed cute! They look like a little champagne bucket for potatoes!

              Would still LOVE to hear about those wild n- crazy purchases folks have made & how it worked out. I'll report back later with how it's gone for me.... I imagine it will go quite well!