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Apr 16, 2010 09:36 AM

Craft beer/microbreweries in Mexico City?

Hi all,
Heading to DF in a few weeks and interested in seeking out local beers I'm not familiar with. So far I've heard of a brewpub called Beer Factory, but that's about it. Does anyone know if (Monterrey-based) Sierra Madre has a brewpub in Mexico City? Are there any good beer bars I should know about? I'm also looking to try Cucapa. Any advice would be much appreciated!

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  1. I just saw Cucapa on the menu last night at Merotoro, a new restaurant in Condesa. It's a fairly nice place -- not a pub by any means. I'd call beforehand just to make sure they have it. (They're easily Googleable.) If you go, I highly recommend the spinach and artichoke ravioli!

    As for bars with Mexican craft brews: Lucille in Roma has Tempus and Minerva, which I think are brewed in Guadalajara. (Although the former might be brewed here in D.F.) It's a cool, chill little spot. Located on Orizaba, at the corner of Tabasco. You could also try El Black in the Centro -- a friend went there recently and enjoyed it. More info on that here:

    Salon Corona in the Centro recently started stocking Tijuana, which is a craft brew made in TJ. My husband also wrote a blog post on his search for Mexican craft beers in DF, in case it's helpful:


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      That's funny; I stumbled upon that same blog post today about El Black. It's on my list! As well as Salon Corona and Lucille--gracias! I'd also like to check out El Belga, which I saw mentioned on seems to have all the beers I'm looking for, only sold in bottles in a store. Are you familiar with that spot? If so, can you drink the beers there, or is it takeout only? I am especially intrigued by the hefeweissens made by Bayernbrau...who knew??

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        Hey -- I thought of you last night, found Cucapá on the menu at La Nacional. It's a great little mezcalería/restaurant in Roma, about five or six blocks from Lucille. I think it's on Orizaba, too. (You can try looking for it on, Mexico City's main city magazine.) They have Bayernbrau there too! I specifically remember because I had no idea what it was. :-) Their list of Mexican beers is quite long, but they were out of several bottles yesterday -- they pretty much had just the Cucapá and a few others.

        On La Belga: Love that place. It's take-out only.

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          Thank you! La Nacional sounds like a must. And it's right next to La Belga, isn't it? I have to say, the more I research this, the more Mexican craft beers are turning up--and it seems like so many are available in DF. I do some travel/food/beer writing, so I think I might try to do a story on this. I'll keep you posted if I do!

    2. I had Tempus and Minerva last week in Oaxaca at Minerva restaurant - and the truth is I am not crazy about either.

      Tempus is a super heavy double malt beer that I couldn't stand to finish in the heat, and Minerva was a passable dark ale. Tempus is from DF an Minerva is from GDL.

      I prefer cucupa much better - the barleywine and obscura are my two favorites if you can find them.

      1. Check out Calavera beer, it's excellent and many of the styles, while traditional, are somewhat unusual for Mexico. Merotoro carries a couple of them, and in February I think I saw it at one or two other places in Condesa, but I can't remember where.

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          Thanks! I was intrigued by Calavera after seeing their cute bottles. ;) The styles do sound interesting. But yeah, from what I'm hearing elsewhere too, Cucapa seems to make the best beers. Looking forward to trying as many as I can!

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            I love Cucapa, but I would not say that either they or Calavera are "better" than the other. IMO, Calavera's beers are impeccable, whereas Cucapa is more freewheeling. There are times when I crave either style.

            I was in Condesa on Wednesday (kind of the western part but south of Nuevo Leon, I think, I get a little disoriented there sometimes) and saw what appeared to be a craft beer store called "Beer Box". That might be worth checking into.

        2. Thanks to everyone who responded. I did check out Beer Box as well as La Belga--a wonderful little store run by a friendly and knowledgeable Frenchman (with some Belgian heritage!)--made it to El Black in the Centro (a basic little cafe that randomly has a decent Mexican craft selection; on calle Regina), and La Nacional in Condesa (likewise good craft selection, although more on their menu than in actual supply during my visit). Beer Factory makes some interesting beers (would recommend their Luna Llena stout); it's not really my thing, but I could appreciate their "exoticas," which use locally popular fruits to make tasty concoctions that taste more like carbonated juice than beer--unfortunately, none of BF's locations are all that convenient for the average visitor.

          My most exciting discovery of all was the new store/tasting room El Deposito, on the edge of Condesa at Av. Baja California 375. All beer drinkers in DF must go there! They sell a great selection of Mexican and imported crafts AND they have taps for both Primus and Minerva breweries (this store is a collaboration between the two). You can drink either what's on draft or any of the bottles in the refrigerator (both Mexican and imports), making this the best place I came across for easy access to a wide variety of those elusive Mexican craft beers. It's a really nice open-air space too, all concrete and brick with a little designed "speakeasy" room in the back. Favorite beer I sampled? Toss-up between Primus's Doble Malta, Cucapa's Obsura, and Calavera's wonderful Tripel de Abadia (triple abbey ale).