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How do you like your cheesy eggs?

Anyone who knows me well knows I'm a fool for cheesy eggs. I love them done up nice 'n creamy--slow 'n low, that is the tempo!--with Cabot cheddar (or whatever other cheddar of choice happens to be in the fridge) and am often happy enough with just plain ol' cheesy eggs on my plate. They are especially yummy with Penzey's Sunny Paris seasoning sprinkled in.

Over crispy hash rocks, too, as does a heap of them over biscuits 'n gravy.

Today I made a CEBA (or maybe a CEBAT?)...cheesy eggs, thick maple bacon and chunks of avo on toast. Boy, that was good. Not particularly attractive perhaps, but delicious.

So, let's have a cheesy discussion--how do you like yours?

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  1. I love adding a little cream cheese to eggs, usually paired with a stronger cheese like cheddar or Parmesan.

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      Ha! I did that for lunch today - when I was working for Holiday they used to call it Eggs Saratoga. Used onion and chive cream cheese - it was goooood!

    2. I love adding feta cheese to scrambled eggs. If I am making an omelette, feta cheese with one of the following:
      1. pico de gallo
      2. wilted spinach and scallions
      3. diced tomatoes

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        I've never thought to do that, I always think of feta as more of a salad cheese, since it's not very melty. I may have to try that next time.

        I used to make cheese omelets all the time, when I could go overboard on dairy without any consequences. But now I stick to a similar version of your CEBA, katty. But my little 6 y.o. LOVES his scrambled eggs with more cheese than egg, and it has to be cheddar, preferably orange, since yellow tends to blend in with the color of the eggs, and he swears there's never enough cheese on them, but it's just that he can't see it!

      2. Nice and soft, almost as much cheese as eggs. I loaded up on Cabot cheddars yesterday while they are 2 bucks a throw, that will last a while. I like havarti eggs, too, but what a mess I make trying to grate it! Thin slices work.
        I like a topping of chimichurri, or crispy chorizo nuggets, or fresh habanero sauce and a diced roma tomato if I deserve pain. Usually with pureed black beans and a hottened flour tortilla. Add a couple nuked Goya frozen plantains and I'm off to the races.

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          I like chorizo, as well, but I usually brown up some bulk chorizo along with the eggs. We had that this morning, in fact.

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            LOVE chorizo. Less fond of pain. ;)

          2. I forgot taco eggs--a favorite when there's leftover taco meat or chili...or even pulled pork. I recently frosted cheesy eggs over an arepa, topped with meat, cilantro, chopped onions and some salsa. Yummy folded up in a warm corn tortilla, too.

            You folks do breakfast right. Keep 'em comin'...

            1. I love an egg white omelette with grape tomatoes, mushrooms, and mozzarella. I like to saute the veggies first so that the tomatoes are almost bursting.

              Or scrambled eggs with lots of gooey cheddar over super crispy hash browns.

              My last semester of college, I had long breaks between classes. I would go home and make a nice lunch almost every day. A favorite was an egg white omlette with lots of blue cheese and avocado and whole wheat toast.

              1. omelet -- cream cheese, scallions and avocado.

                1. Sunnyside up, cooked 'til the whites are set. Top with guyere or cheddar and chives, then stick the pan under the broiler to melt the cheese.. Delicious, especially when served with a couple of steamed asparagus spears.

                  1. I'm really into grated pepper jack (super good melt), scallions and a little adobo sauce from a can of chipotles whisked into (soft) scrambled eggs. Savory, spicy and smoky- sounds like a good morning to me!

                    1. back in the day...
                      mixed with cheddar and jack and scrambled, then topped with more cheese and allowed to melt. or alternately, with jarlsberg and/or gruyere.

                      1. Some butter into the pan and gently swirl tipping the pan.
                        2 large or 3 medium eggs gently broken. Stir the eggs in one direction, but don't add extra air.
                        Oh this is about cheesy eggs, sorry I forgot.
                        Creamy eggs with little dollops of cream cheese, chives or best but scallions will work too. Top later.
                        Slow and low heat, gently add your cream cheese and fold it in. Pushing the eggs unto themselves towards the center, let the runny part go underneath.
                        and here they are in a tortilla for really tasty breakfast burrito
                        Fresh cracked pepper and sea salt, the best eggs ever.

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                          Lovely pics, chef chix! And my chives are back up on the porch, even.

                          I have also heard of, but never tried, cottage cheese blended into eggs (not so crazy when you consider it must be like kugel). It was something a radio announcer from my childhood would talk about...and there is an omelet or egg prep dedicated to him locally at O'Rourke's Diner in Middletown, CT: the Bob Steele.

                          As to chilaquiles, bushwickgirl, I never had them till I went to Cabo...and what I wouldn't do to get back there and eat them again. They are delicious anywhere, and a good friend even made them for me once, but I personally think they taste best within view of the ocean...and I can dance off any excess calories later at El Squid Roe.

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                            oh man, forgot about chilaquiles! They're delicious!

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                              Cottage cheese makes soft, pillowy scrambled eggs. You don't want to really blend it in smooth, but just whisk it in. It does make them take longer to cook because of the wetness of the CC. I like herbes de Provence for seasoning - perfect with eggs.

                          2. Chilaquiles, crispy fried strips of corn tortillas, scrambled with eggs, jalapeƱo slices, onions, jack cheese and topped with a nice pico de gallo. Chorizo on the side. Messy looking but delicious.

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                              I do something similar, only always called it migas. Fry corn tortilla strips add onions and hot peppers throw in a couple eggs and top with farmers cheese or cheddar. Whatever it's called it's a delicious mess.

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                                I have heard of both, what exactly are the differences between chilaquiles & migas?? I have Mexican friends that speak of both, but I never asked what the difference is.

                                1. re: Phurstluv

                                  Aren't migas more "quick 'n dirty" and a major scramble-together vs. chilaquiles are more layered, kinda like a lasagna? I'm a Yankee...what do I know...this would just be my observation and a first stab at it. :)

                                  1. re: kattyeyes

                                    Hahaha, I hear ya, friend, you know where I'm from as well........... but you may be onto something. I may just have to look it up.

                                    Food Lover's Companion says for chilaquiles, the ingredients are scrambled together, but MAY be layered like a lasagne. Migas aren't listed. Figures.

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                                      In my limited experience migas are like a mexican matzoh brei and chilaquiles are kind of enchiladaish with eggs.

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                                        Mmmmm....migas at Cisco's in Austin. The gold standard.

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                                          Veggo, I know you know the difference......please share, Friend!!

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                                            Migas are always an egg-centric dish, with additions of soft corn tortilla strips, cheese, sometimes a little onion and a small amount of thin salsa. Chilaquiles may include but don't require eggs. The tortilla pieces are larger and crisped and serve as a base, rather than being all mixed together as migas are. The most common include chicken, tomatillo sauce, cojito cheese, and rings of raw onion and has a soupier consistency. Interpretations of both dishes vary widely, but not so much that one would be mistaken for the other

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                                              Aaaaaah, now I understand the difference. Thanks, Veggo!

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                                                Yes,I worked at a nice Mexican restaurant in the city where we served chilaquiles as a lunch offering, in the form of a soft lasagna, with layers of tortillas, tomatillo sauce, lots of cheese, onions, no eggs, no salsa.

                                                I always called my version chilaquiles, and use crispy strips of tortillas with my eggs. I wasn't familiar with the term migas or maybe just didn't remember the dish. Well, now I am...

                                2. Scrambled, with Boursin (melts beautifully) and diced ham or smoked salmon.

                                  1. Feta and tomato, preferably a tomato from the garden or a farm.

                                    1. Not sure you can go wrong with cheese and eggs. Definitely a fan of scrambled with cream cheese, smoked salmon, and spinach (scrambles are always slow-and-low around here). Lately I've been enjoying omelets with a double-cream gouda and freshly chopped tarragon. Chilaquiles, too. Or scrambled with cheddar and ham chunks, sometimes with chives thrown in. Chorizo and chiles and any appropriate Mexican cheese---preferably with a little homemade salsa verde. And can't forget a fried egg sandwich with ham and swiss and lots of dijon.

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                                        3 or 4 Large Organic Eggs well done with Extra Sharp White Cheddar! Nothing else, some salt after cooking!

                                      2. 2-3 eggs with a dash of milk and a sprinkle of salt and depending on my mood I either fold in pieces of plain chevre near the end or just put some on top right before the eggs are done and let it melt all over it. I like my eggs just a little wet, soft and very creamy. =)
                                        MmmmMMmmm goat cheese