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Apr 16, 2010 07:42 AM

Wolfgang's Steakhouse in Miami?

Wolfgang's Steakhouse was supposed to open up in Miami last Fall, according to their web site. It would be the closest we would ever get to a Peter Luger's down here. Does anyone know if it's ever going to happen or did their deal die?

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  1. Sorry I do not know the answer, but was this steakhouse going to be "CUT"?

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    1. re: chowmonkey13

      I don't know what you mean by "CUT" but I just checked out their website and they took off any reference to a Miami location. Wolfgang's is a Luger clone run by Wolfgang Zwiener who worked for Peter Luger's for 40 years. It is so good that I no longer make the trip out to Luger's in Brooklyn when I am in Manhattan on business. They are about to open their third location in Manhattan. There is nothing in South Florida that comes close to Luger's or Wolfgang's.

      1. re: BocaHerb

        Cut is Wolfgang Puck's steakhouse in Bev. Hills.

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          And there's Bern's that makes Peter Luger look like a McDonald's.

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              The Peter Luger in Brooklyn has been in business for 133 years, in one of the most competitive steakhouse markets in the world. It is in an out of the way location. They don't take credit cards. They are booked weeks in advance. There is no steakhouse in the world that could make Peter Luger look like McDonald's. I like Bern's, I had a party for my wife down in their wine cellar, it isn't in the same league as Peter Luger.

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                I've never heard anybody remotely rave about the actual steak in Bern's

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                  McDonald's comment was probably inappropriate. I liked Peter Lugers but it felt clubby and I guess I wan't part of the club. Similar to Galatoire's in NOLA - it's been around forever and there's tons of repeat customers so you kinda feel left out. I did enjoy the steak (the precutting not a big fan of). Bern's just seems over the top. And I'll rave about their steak (though ones I've had at Bourbon and BLT have been on par if not better).

            2. That deal is DEAD! He was to open on the corner of 4th and Washington AVe at the Harrison Hotel. That site has been cursed and with the plethora of steahouses in the neighborhood, the poor economy and the fact that he probably got into that lease toward the end of the BOOM, it was just not in the cards for ole Wolfgang to bring his thang to SOBE. Thanks for the headsup tho', next time I'm in the Big Apple I will give it a try...unless of course I finally make it across the Brooklyn Bridge for the REAL thing!

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              1. re: netmover

                Netmover: Small point but I think you mean the Williamsburg Bridge.

                1. re: Alfred G

                  correct...Thanks! Do not want to make that miSTEAK!

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                    You can always venture up to Jensen Beach and eat at Peter's Steakhouse.....The owner of this establishment also worked at Luger's in NY for several years.....The steaks there are very decent.....not the best I've ever had......their chopped salad is TO DIE FOR........Recenlty dined at Berns......our steaks were excellent.....tender, tasty and cooked properly......the overall experience was quite good and look forward to returning.........Hope to make it to Brooklyn and eat at the original Luger's......Maybe by then they'll take credit cards.....and I don't have to carry a wad of cash around and risk getting hornscwaggled in Brooklyn......


                    1. re: LargeLife

                      Unknown to many, you can use a debit card, and that area is no longer known as Crooklyn.It is quite upscale with a strong hipster, daddy pays the bills, crowd in Williamsburg. I'm more scared when I wait for my ribs at Troy's in Boynton.