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Apr 16, 2010 07:28 AM

Jersey Shore Restaurant Week

Restaurant week at the Jersey Shore starts today and runs through the 26th of April. Is anyone planning on participating in this years event? Any fan favorites?

Here is the website. The participating restaurants are on here, some with the menu's of what they are offering. http://www.jerseyshorerestaurantweek....

My wife and I have never gone to a restaurant during a restaurant week. Are you really getting a deal? Are the portions generally smaller?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Sorry, I can't help you. They don't include my neck of the Jersey Shore.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I have friends in Manasquan, we've dined at Mahogany Grill before, so we have a reservation tomorrow night for the $30.10 three course restaurant week special.

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        I looked at the websites of some of the participants and couldn't tell what they were offering for "Restaurant week" for the $30.10. Where can I find the menus or selections for restaurant week....for example for Shipwreck Grill (their website makes no reference to restaurant week.

        Shipwreck Grill
        720 Ashley Ave, Brielle, NJ 08730

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          the actual website for the event has some of the menus.. in fact i think shipwrecks is on there

      2. OK, here's my firsthand report from last nights Restaurant Week dinner at Mahogany Grill in Manasquan. Arrived promptly at 7. All at the table must order the $30.10 three course dinner. I had lamb meatballs, which came with a small portion of spaghetti. If you need a knife to cut a meatball it's a problem. It was, they were hard and if I hadn't read that they were lamb I wouldn't have known. Not awful, but not great. Next I had Korean spiced skirt steak, with wasabi mashed potatoes and snow peas.

        Decent flavor on the steak, couldn't taste any wasabi in the potatoes. Snow peas are snow peas. The major problem was-IT TOOK AN HOUR AFTER THE APPETIZERS FOR THE ENTREES TO BE SERVED.

        The waitress apologized, and offered us free dessert. DESSERT IS ONE OF THE THREE COURSES!

        I had a vanilla bean cheesecake, which was good. It took twenty minutes to get dessert-all they have to do is plate it.

        My friend wanted a glass of red with his pasta, the waitress said 'we have a very nice Cab' which made it sound like a good house Cab-turned out to be a $15 glass . . .

        The steak was about half a regular portion, the appetizer portions were small, so I'd say it wasn't worth the trip. I'd go back, because I've had good meals, but the $30.10 dinner wasn't worth it. And if the kitchen can't get three people out for a set menu in less than two hours and ten minutes . . .

        1. My friends went to the Beer & BBQ thing at Headliner and said it was was supposed to be a 4 hour event with all you can eat and drink, but they ran out of everything within a couple hours. And apparently the food was atrocious.

          I went to Matisse on Saturday night and enjoyed their food very much. Planning on hitting Trinity & the Pope on Tuesday.

          Oh, and Johnlockedma: "The waitress apologized, and offered us free dessert. DESSERT IS ONE OF THE THREE COURSES!" That just made me laugh out loud!

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          1. re: joonjoon

            Last night we went to Undici for their restaurant week pre-fix.

            The apps were mostly great - the mussels were large and really plump, served with a wonderful red sauce. I personally preferred the preparation of the mussels we had at Matisse, but these were of much higher quality.

            I got a plate of prosciutto, parm, and olives. It was a pretty big plate, great prosciutto, good parm and olives, but nothing special overall.

            Someone got a salad with blue cheese and nuts that was pretty good, and another dish was some sort of fried mozarella type thing that was...really unremarkable. The best app was definitely the mussels.

            Unfortunately they were out of the only thing I was really interested in for entree - the pork chop. I went for the King Salmon, to compare with what I had at Matisse.

            The piece of salmon was very generous, and was a great cut, cooked almost perfectly with the skin on (my favorite part). Unfortunately it was slightly too salty, and I found the preparation uninspiring. As with the mussels, the quality here was much better than Matisse, but once again I found myself preferring Matisse's version.

            Other entrees I tried: The gnocci was ok, really kinda boring. The pasta bolognese dish was very good, and I also really liked their roast chicken. The sole and spaghetti was weird - while the home made spaghetti was perfectly cooked, the sole was tasteless and dry.

            Overall it was a good experience and everyone had a good time and enjoyed their food, but I'm not sure if the place is worth a full-price visit....

            11 West River Road, Rumson, NJ 07760

          2. Basil T's in Red Bank has a great deal for Restaurant Week.

            Husband and I were impressed by the portion size (considering the low price) and quality (IMO you can't go wrong at Basil T's).

            For $ 20.10 they're offering a 3-course meal. I enjoyed the Caprese salad. It had surprisingly delicious tomatoes for this time of year and 2 large slices of fresh mozz with a delicious basil vinigrette dressing. For my entree I had a large portion of house-made spaghettini with 2 huge moist meatballs, in fresh tomato sauce. This was followed by a scrumptious flourless chocolate cake. I was stuffed!

            Hubby had a good-sized mesculine salad as a starter, pork tenderloin saltimbocca and mini cannolis for dessert.

            We're both hoping to get back before the week is over to try some of the other yummy selections. Here's a link to the menu:

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              We did not get to Basil T's this spring for RW, but did eat there during the fall one. We were also pleasantly surprised at the portions and the food. Our waitress told us that they do not change the portion sizes for the prix fix meal, which is unusual.