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Apr 16, 2010 06:42 AM

Anyone Try the Leisure Station Tea Shop in Kendall?

I have heard about a new tea shop that just opened in the Kendall Square area and wonder if people have tried it and if so what to you think?

It is called the Leisure Station.

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  1. I haven't, but here's their website:

    Looks interesting!

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      Ya I am going to have to try it--maybe this weekend! Please let me know if you go!

    2. Didn't even realized it opened - thanks for the heads up. Close to work and a good option to the afternoon Starbucks breaks.

      1. So I stopped by Leisure Station today. Hardly enough to do a fair review only after one stop, but here's a quick take, with the requisite caveat.

        They have a huge drink menu, and offer a few lunch items. The inside is nice and modern with a lot of tv's for the size of the space (though none were on this afternoon). There are 2-3 small round tables for people to sit down and eat/drink.

        I got a simple black tea with milk and pearls. I combined it with food for the lunch special but upgraded to the large and with bubble (the default is a small, no bubbles). The tea drink was good, but not great. I prefer a stronger, classic tea taste. This reminds me a lot like Lollicup, but not as sweet (so better IMO). If you like boba tea, this place serves up a decent cup, but don't expect any breakthroughs here, and it's a welcome addition to this area.

        I also had vegetarian dumplings to go - they were cold by the time I got back to the office (3-4 blocks away) which surprised me. They were likely already cooked and just sitting around. The dumplings contents were ok (various greens, some carrots and mushrooms, finely minced). A bit plain, but the sauce was a lightly spicy soy and I didn't think paired well with the dumplings. I would've loved to add a shot of sriracha to these babies. The skin was also a bit thick. All in all, a bit blah.

        The big plus is that they deliver. I can definitely see myself wandering over for bubble tea, since I shy away from coffee in the afternoons, and if they get busy, they would drop off a few bubble teas/smoothies/shakes for me within 30 mins. They're also open to 11pm.

        Leisure Station Tea Shop
        625 Kendall Street, Cambridge, MA 02142

        1. Yup, I have - several times and am a HUGE fan. as a lover of boba tea in general I can say they take it to another level. The teas are definitely flavorful and the jelly flavors delicate.
          Right now I am am sipping the lavender milk tea with rainbow jelly and it's really delicious. I recommend the honey citron fruit tea and the jasmine milk tea - don't forget to add boba and a jelly 50c each. It's more expensive than other boba teas but I think it's worth it.
          Check out my review online:

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          1. re: SmartChow

            I have been there a number of times since it's opened, and I'm quite happy it's there too. The options of teas are better than Lollicup (IMO), even though it's a franchise of a chain. I've also seen the business pick up quite a bit. My first view visits made it seem like I was the only customer, but now there's regular seated guests and a short line when I visit. I haven't ventured to try more of their food though, after the disappointing dumplings. Stick with the drinks.

            They did a brief story on this a few weeks ago in the Globe's local section online, and I found out the store is owned by one of my employees. I always tell my coworker's I'm going to contribute to xxx's retirement fund when I go for some tea.

            1095 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

            1. re: kobuta

              I live down the street and am addicted! But the service is super slow...there's only ever one girl and prioritizing doesn't seem to be a strong suit. I also love love love the hummus at Acetunia next door. Hummus and boba tea sounds weird, but It's the best!

              1. re: mandasanval

                Ha, when I'm there for tea I always go to Aceituna as well. Love their spicy chicken shwarma!

                Aceituna Cafe
                605 W Kendall St, Cambridge, MA 02142