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Apr 16, 2010 06:25 AM

What brand of salad greens do you buy?

I am wondering what brands of salad greens people like best? Do any seem fresher or tastier than others? Do people find certain brands last longer in the bags or containers?

I also wonder if there are particular brands of salads that chefs like to use?

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  1. I prefer to buy heads of romaine or loose spinach, arugula, or mesculun. I find that the bagged precut lettuces have a chemical smell and taste. If loose greens are not available, I buy whichever boxed brand looks freshest. With mesculun, I always take it out of the container and sort thru it because one bad leaf can make the whole box go bad really quickly.

    Costco usually has a good deal on the organic spring mix. Also, I buy romaine hearts from Costco- 6/pack for $2.79 or $3.49.

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      Also, did you know that you can trim the bottom of those romaine hearts and stand them in cool water to perk them up sometimes to an amazing degree?

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        I didn't know that! I usually wrap lots of washed and dried romaine in Williams Sonoma kitchen towels and store in the fridge. The last batch lasted two weeks- just finished it up yesterday. The WS towels are thin enough that they don't make a huge bulky package in the fridge, but they don't wilt and fall apart like paper towels.

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          Also, if you save trimmings to make veggie stock, the very bottom of head of romaine (or any other lettuce) are good to throw in the pot.

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            The romaine doesn't make the stock bitter?

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        I've been using that Costco mix, Earthbound Farms mixed baby greens, for over a decade.
        Never found a piece of grit or bug in it yet. EWSflash, that's a great tip about the romaine; it's how I keep fresh parsley in my fridge for weeks at a time, too.

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          Not just at Costco...Earthbound Farms is the brand I usually get at my grocery store and as long as I check the date on it, it usually good. If I just want green/red leaf or romaine, I would be the whole head, but whole head isn't realistic for a lot of greens and maybe not even easily available.

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            Yes, I know they're not just at Costco. You're right about the date; if it's less than a week, I don't buy because the small dark leafy thing goes limp and slimy and affects the whole mix.

      3. I grow my own arugula, dandelion and going to try red oak lettuce this weekend. I buy organic spinach and heads of romaine at Farmer's market and don't buy anything bagged.

        1. I also prefer to buy whole lettuce. The bagged stuff just doesnt last as long but its often the only practical way to get a good or unusual mix. For instance, peashoots or lambs lettuce is always bagged. As for brand - my supermarket really only stocks its own label bags.

          1. Whole heads or loose is preferable to bagged. Bagged ones often disguise slime and also are packed with a preservative chemical that can give an odd taste to them.

            Chefs would not likely used bagged branded items as at the supermarket because people running restaurants need to be thriftier and bagged greens are an extravagance of mediocrity.

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              But a lot of restaurants will use pre-mixed greens, such as 'spring mix' or some variation. It's just in big boxes, not bagged and may be a brand only available to the trade.

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                Probably, but here, north of Boston MA, there are local farms which grow greens for area restaurants. Picked in the morning the IPM or organic pre-mix gets trucked to the restaurants for use that day. Also, several restaurants are growing their own vegetables...

                I too buy loose heads of a variety of lettuces, especially from local farms. Much tastier, healthier, and so fresh!!

            2. Andy lettuce, and those clear bins of whatever brand available in the store, for mixed greens, spinach and arugala.