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Need Suggestions for 4- th / Arbutus ASAP !!!

- three of us will be heading out this coming SATURDAY ( April 17 ' 10 ) evening for dinner- but we STILL do not have a confirmed destination. Has to be 4- th between Macdonald and Burrard- altho something closer to Arbutus would be preferable. refuel / bishops / naam are all ' no do '. i seem to remember an ' indian ' place, a walk- up, at Maple st. Anyone here know anything about it ? We are open to any and all suggestions. Thank You ! ( oh, no to margarita's as well- yuck ! )

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  1. We go to both Maenam for contemporary Thai/SE Asian and Yuji's for Japanese quite a bit. And Scoop, the frozen yogurt place across the street from Yuji's, ain't bad. Plus there's always Zukkushi.

    1938 W. 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M5, CA

    1. You've certainly picked a restaurant-heavy stretch, though there's a corresponding range of quality and price too. There is a newish Korean place on 4th in your target zone -- let me see if I can find it -- ah yes, thanks Google! Dae Bak 1947 West 4th (604) 568-8259

      There's also Bistro Bistrot or Italian Kitchen or Piato Estiatoria or Simpatico or Zakkushi or Yuji's. I'm not necessarily recommending any of these, just listing what I can think of along there that I might consider since you haven't really given any parameters. Can you tell us why the places you've named are no gos (well not Las Margs, I get that, and I'm not a fan of the Naam but why no Bishop's or refuel? Too spenif? Wrong ambiance?)

      I think the Indian to which you refer is the Indian Oven (south side, up the stairs). I haven't been in yonks and so would not venture a comment.

      1. Maenem for Thai Food? Yuji's for Japanese?

        1. In the area, I can recommend: Maenam, Bistrot Bistro, Yuji's (izakaya-esque Japanese), Dae Bak Bo Ga (Korean BBQ), Cocolo ("modern" Japanese).

          1. My first choice would definitely by Yuji's. After that Italian Kitchen and Zakkushi. And if you're willing to stray half a block I'd also consider Topanga Cafe (get their chocolate cake).

            Italian Kitchen
            , Vernon, BC V1T, CA

            Topanga Cafe
            2904 4th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6K1R2, CA

            1. Maenam, without question. If Thai isn't your thing, I'd be looking pretty heavily at Zakkushi. (But really, I just eat at Refuel, apparently that's not going to work in this case.)

              1938 W. 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M5, CA

              1. On 4th Ave, 1 block west of MacDonald are The Flying Tiger (Asian street food) and Jolly's Indian Bistro. Haven't been to neither, but people I know who have rave about them:



                1. - thanks to all of you- much appreciated ! just deciding now between maenam or yuji's. we like maria's taverna as well- but have been there and are bored with their menu. this is one area`of the city i do not visit very often and when i do usually just hit connie's cook house for a lunch special- quite safe.
                  grayelf: refuel's menu is just too meatcentric for my liking. bishop's is first- rate- but too ' fine ' for what we are looking for. i have just come from bo laska king on joyce- so that should give you an idea of what appeals to me. and i do actually appreciate what the naam does- altho i am strongly critical of the place.
                  any opinions here on ' transylvanian traditions ' ?

                  1. I'm a fan of Yuji's. I think you'd like it! Check out Scoop! right across the street after your dinner. They serve frozen yogurt with a self-serve topping bar! it's light and very refreshing around this time of the year

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                      - yuji's was my bright, shining, upraised flag- but one wag in our little group has a problem with ' japanese food '- even tho i beat a unagi to death explaining to him that this estab is not a traditional ' sushi ' joint. one thing that REALLY annoys me is folks with ' stuck and going nowhere ' food / cultural mental gearboxes. anyway, with time quickly running out we are down to korean, vietnamese, or mcdonalds.

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                        Korean you can do in the area you've specified but not Vietnamese, unless you're willing to give Mintleaf Cafe a try.

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                          - mintleaf was exactly the place i had in mind.
                          - we ended up deciding to eat cold raisin pie bought from the bakery dept. at safeway. we stood around in the parking lot out front.
                          - seriously, we hit dae bak bo ga. we didn't go for the ' hotplate ' option and just ordered a selection of plates from the menu. grilled mackerel was especially tasty. my heineken could have been colder- a minor quibble. stone bowls all around.

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                            I'm glad for another comment on DBBG, as I've been meaning to try it out. We get too lazy to schlep down to Robson... and btw we hit Mintleaf for dinner tonight ourselves. Will post a couple of photos on the Mintleaf thread I started. Sure hope they make it...