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Apr 15, 2010 09:02 PM

Any good bbq joints in Lansing, MI

Does anybody know where I can find a great or at least good bbq place in Lansing? Especially a pulled pork sandwich. My husband has been craving one since we moved up here.

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  1. One place I have heard good things about but have yet to get it is

    Curtis Famous BBQ
    (517) 333-9287

    I would call to get his location....for the day.

    1. Local secret is Sawyers Pancake House. If the smoker grill is out front and an elderly African American man is tending the fire, stop all four lanes of traffic and RUN to Sawyers. The pulled pork sandwich is better than anything I've had in North Carolina, Texas, Kansas and many other places.


      Pancake House
      185 Capital Ave SW, Battle Creek, MI 49037

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      1. re: Mensch71

        Great will have to keep an eye out for both. I think I've seen Curtis Bbq truck when I was heading home from Lansing Mall in the past. Just never thought to stop lol. Will have to keep an eye out for both. Too bad road work is being done in that area grrr. Lol hopefully the food is worth the aggravation = )

        1. re: Mensch71

          Is it really only Carolina (vinegar) style BBQ, though? That would be a disappointment for me...I likes me the sweeter stuff. Still, it *is* hard to beat outdoor smoked meat like you're referring to, even if the BBQ style isn't your first preference. Good meat be good meat, period.

          1. re: boagman

            Well I drove by where Curtis usually is and he wasn't there today. Wondering if he moved b/c of all the roadwork. At this rate I might have to make a special run to Detroit just for some bbq lol. I refuse to go to Smokey Bones. Even my dog won't eat it = p

            1. re: Msviolatordm

              That's because dogs won't eat their own! ;)

          2. re: Mensch71

            Sawyers lists a BBQ dinner on Sat and Sun starting at 11:00.