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Apr 15, 2010 08:20 PM

Jersey to DC Breakfast Suggestion

I head down to DC from Trenton semi-regularly and would like a suggestion for a breakfast stop along the way. We usually hit a Waffle House down in Deleware, but I'm always passing truck stops on 295 in Jersey and was wondering if anyone can point me at a good one. I've eaten at the Iron Skillet a few times, but I'd like to try someplace new.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Cracker Barrel. There are a few along the way. Last exit of NJTP/295 in NJ; Elkton, MD (exit 109); Aberdeen, MD (exit 80).

    1. I always stop at The Waffle House off of the Aberdeen exit. Nothing special at all, but I do love their waffles and friend ham! -mJ

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        That's the WB we hit as well. I'm really just there for there for the hash browns --doubled and scattered. I'm a western guy and I grew up eating Hashbrowns instead of home fries, and I still think that Easterners are completely nuts for preferring home fries. It's hard to find good hash browns, but the WB does a decent enough job with them. I like to order chili and pour it on top too. That's good food.

        I've never been a fan of the Cracker Barrel chain. I ordered a chicken fried steak (another near to impossible find out here) there once and it came with some sort of white glue on it that they called gravy and a side of greasy cheesed hash browns. No thanks.

      2. If you wouldnt mind swinging into Baltimore, I would HIGHLY recommend Blue Moon Cafe. They were on Diners Drive Ins and Dives for the french toast encrusted with Cap'n Crunch, but I recommend the chipped beef. We went at 7am and waited an hour so beware.

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          I've thought about going there sometime, but the next trip is going to be an express and I won't have time to wait around. It's definitely on the list for the next time we overnight in Baltimore.

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            Mastoris Diner Bordentown is a great place ..just google it

            Mastoris Diner-Restaurant
            144 US Highway 130, Bordentown, NJ 08505

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              Been there. It's only 15-minutes from home. I'm not in love with it as much as many others are (I'm not a cinnamon roll and cheese bread fan), but it's not bad.