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Apr 15, 2010 08:01 PM

What's happened with the Robinhood Free Meeting House?

The RFMH, out on the Georgetown Peninsula near Five Islands, just down east of Bath, has been our favorite Mid-coast Maine restaurant for years; has never disappointed, and as part-time Mainers, we've had diverse occasions there -- Easter and Thanksgiving dinners, multi-course tasting dinners with wine pairings, special menu theme evenings. Then came tonight.

A local acquaintance told us owner Michael Gagne had lost his Chef de Cuisine, Troy Mains. Tonight, during an Italian-themed prix fixe meal, Michael was seen to be so (harriedly) busy pushing orders out of the kitchen he scarcely had time to do his usual schmoozing of the mostly-local (and seemingly Bowdoin-tinged) crowd.

And the food? My lovely spouse referred to it as "tasteless as hospital food." A TOTAL departure from every experience we'd had there before over the last 10 or so years.

I'm hoping this is a temporary aberration which will pass once a suitable new chef is brought in; Michael is obviously spread too thin with his entrepreneurial activities to be effective running the kitchen himself (we regularly are able to buy his 72-layer biscuits at Whole Foods in Houston).

But something's got to give with the present situation as exhibited tonight. Don't know, maybe they left out all the seasoning as a Tax Day protest. Otherwise, a major, major disappointment.

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  1. Troy Mains was the restaurant; Michael focused on the wholesale product side. So, you're right...hopefully a new chef can be brought in to right the ship. Meanwhile we'll see if/where Troy resurfaces.

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      1. re: delong99

        thanks a million for finding Troy Mains....
        Too bad he is not closer to Portland area....
        Great great chef and wish him lots of luck.

        1. re: irwin

          Fuel was well worth the drive to Lewiston before - I'm anxious to see how things change.

    1. Hey everyone, this is Chef Troy. I loved my time at Fuel, what a great experience. I am currently the executive chef at the Captain Daniel Stone Inn's restaurant No. 10 Water St., in Brunswick. Please come and dine, and say hello I miss you all. Thanks for the support. My daughter Maisie just celebrated her first birthday, I have pictures at the restaurant. Cheers.

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        I saw Robin Hood meeting house sticky buns on the tv show "How its made" They were frozen.Does anyone know where to purchase them? Thanks.

        1. re: 1chowhound

          Looks like you can order direct from their website and they also have a "Store Locator" function where you enter your zipcode.

          1. re: HDinCentralME

            Thank-you,I missed the main company name.Take care.