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Jun 10, 2005 02:32 AM

Leona Valley/U Pick Cherries

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I was thinking about going to Leona Valley to pick some cherries. I've never been and was wondering if it's worth the energy, drive and money.

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  1. Definitely. I went last year, and thought it would take all day to pick, I even packed a picnic lunch. We picked I think 12 pounds in about an hour and a half. The cherries were delicious. They have a website, there are links to the different orchards.


    1. I was there last weekend and am going back this weekend. If you've never been, I would highly recommend the experience. Apart from the fact that you get cherries for about $2.50/lb (supposedly they are selling for $4/lb at the store) you get to spend the day outside, in the sun, and away from LA proper. The cherries are a sight to behold on the tree and you pick and eat and pick and eat to your hearts content. We arrived early and were done picking by 11AM. I would recommend timing your arrival between 8 and 9, especially since this weekend is the official start of the season with a parade and stuff going on. Last weekend, we packed a cooler of sandwich stuff and afterward stopped at a great little park in Palmdale for a simple picnic with cherries for dessert.

      You get to meet new people and all of the families who run the orchards are warm, friendly and helpful. Pick your orchard wisely, because although we had a wonderful time, we were coralled into a very small orchard that had less than 50 trees, of which, only 10 were really ready for harvest. Nonetheless, we had a fine time and I'm sure you will too. Cherry picking has been a tradition in my family and we absolutely love it.

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        What is the admission fee?

      2. Oh I so can't wait for cherry picking season. I really enjoy going to Leona Valley, up by Palmdale.

        I have gone to one place the past 8 years. They use no pesticides, herbicides, which most orchards do up there.

        Anyways here's a link, they send out e mails when the fruit and flowers are ripe. Yep they have lavender too.

        1. I just came back from the ONLY organic Cherries you pick in Leona valley. It is as wonderful. This is a family owned and run Cherry farm and the only ORGANIC one in the valley - as far as I know :) "Leona Valley U-Pick Organics 39300 Bouquet Cyn. Leona Valley, Ca. 93551 661-270-0990 I maped it from google maps. Be aware that 60th St West IS GODDE Rd. So when taking Ave N west from the 14 Freeway you would turn left on 60th St West and follow the map. Do NOT stop at any other Cherry orchards or you will get persticide sprayed cherries.

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            I went yesterday to another orchard in Leona Valley, Copeland's Cherry Ranch. We packed our lunch and trekked out to Leona Valley. We passed by the ridiculous overcrowded orchard before you get into town. We kept going into the town and passed alot of orchards. Stopped here because it looked a little less crowded and were certified organic! ^^^ Hope they didn't tell you that they were the only ones in the valley :) They also let us try their own honey - they told us that they actually are the beekeepers and actually extract their own honey (they are the only ones they know of that do this). We had a great time and will be back in a week or two when our supply runs out! Out of curiousity I googled them and found their website:
            Also I found this blog that was written last year, they are fully open this year though, I thought 3.50/lb was a good deal for organic especially considering what Whole Food's charges out here in Santa Clarita. Here is the blog:

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