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Apr 15, 2010 07:44 PM

Has anyone recently visited the Burgundy Lion?

I looked up reviews on Chowhound and on the internet but they are mostly from around the time that they opened. Since they're hit and miss I wanted to know if their service and food has improved. Thanks!

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  1. We went for brunch a couple of weeks ago. The place was full, so we sat in the bar area downstairs.

    We ordered the full english breakfast, which I assume is their most popular breakfast option.

    We waited approximately 50 minutes before we got our food. We had to ask twice for a coffee refill. The only time they were fast and efficient was when we asked for the bill.

    Maybe it was an off day, maybe they were busy and understaffed, but in all honestly, we won't be going back. The food itself was good, but I just don't understand how it can take 50 minutes to butter crumpets, scramble eggs and pour beans into a small bowl.... with no apologies for delays, as if 50 minutes was a reasonable wait time.

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    1. re: foodie_mtl

      I often go there to watch Hockey games....never had a bad experience....maybe i'm just lucky!

    2. I like the Lion, but only for drinks. Most of their food is pretty mediocre. Last time I went I had the bangers and mash and my sausages came cold and undercooked. Great beer list though.

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        Seconded, this place is fine as a bar but the food is mediocre at best. Went there with a friend recently and she said that the hamburger was the worst she had ever had and she is not someone who complains much. The patty was hockey puck solid and the bread was stale. For the prices they charge you can do much better...