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Apr 15, 2010 06:23 PM

Restaurant L & E, Chester, Ct. Rip Off

Guess my first clue should have been when I arrived with my wife for a 7 PM reservation and we were the only ones in the dining room.
They offer a tasting menu and also a dinner sized portion of anything on the testing menu. My wife ordered the oysters and the squab off of the testing menu. I ordered the smoked eel and a dinner sized portion of the sweetbreads.
The eel was two strips of less than two inches each for $12.00. My wife received three oysters for $12.50.
My entree, yes the dinner size portion, was two pieces of sweetbreads 2 inches square for $28.00. Not even one lobe.
My wife received a small portion of squab.The wine by the glass is also way over priced for the vineyards served.
When I complained about the portion size I was told the chef said "well, the sweetbreads are dusted with truffle powder." Give me a break. Needless to say we shan't return.Too bad Du Village left this space.

Eric's Lapatisserie Cafe and Catering
250 Commercial St, Worcester, MA 01608

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  1. This is the second time I have seen this sort of complaint about L and E.

    It's a tasting menu, which means, by definition, small portions, because typically you have anywhere from 3 to 7 courses. If portion size and price concerns you, why not order off the bar menu?

    I've been here 3 times now and it has always been superb. We were there last Thursday and the place was busy. I liked du village also and was a loyal patron, but L and E has a totally different philosophy.

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    1. re: eodell

      Correct me if I'm wrong...didn't he specify that he ordered a dinner size portion and THAT is where he had the complaint about the portion size? I've never been to this place but his complaint sounds valid to me.

      1. re: JaneRI

        Right on the money!
        He complained about the sweetbreads.

    2. jdgall,
      Worked at the duV as a teen when Charlie and the Priss ran it, amazing and so eye opening as a pup. C. and M. took it to another level and that's what I know my take on the whole French\European restaurant experience locally to be based on. I've been to Europe and Paris in point and Cynthia and Michele Nailed It!!! I've yet to dine at L + E , one of the guys that work with me has and was a bit unhappy by the portions. He also dined at the DuV and knew you PAID WELL,never leaving unhappy! I will get there just to set my memories to rest and I'm hoping it catches up to an AMAZING restaurant gone by!


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      1. re: raskolnikov

        L & E got a "Worth It" (that's a 3 out of 4) from the New York Times:

        1. re: eodell

          Thanks for the link and what a nice review, talked to the wife and we plan on visiting.


          1. re: raskolnikov

            You're welcome. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

            1. re: eodell

              Has anyone been here lately? I've read some nice things on the e-list and other places.

              1. re: dennisl

                We go monthly and have always felt it was worth it. Not every meal has been 4 star worthy, but we find that more often than not any "misses" were because the Chef's reach exceeded his grasp.

                We recommend it all the time, the staff is attentive and professional, the dining room is charming and warm, the bar is a tiny jewel box of a place. The food - always something we HAVE to try on the menu.