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Lockhart, Luling, Gonzales BBQ joints - which take credit cards?

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Gotta go down 183 for work tomorrow with a couple of my employees. Which BBQ joints take credit cards...so I can use my corporate card? Never been to City Market or Gonzales Meat Market so I'm probably leaning to one of those.

City Market
633 E Davis St, Luling, TX 78648

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  1. Went to City Market. Cash only. The brisket was horrid. It looked absolutely fabulous though. Perfect black crust. Completely devoid of flavor and tough however. The pork ribs were fantastic. Tender, juicy, and great flavor.

    City Market
    633 E Davis St, Luling, TX 78648

    1. Kreuz Market began taking credit cards a while back. Smitty's still doesn't.

      1. Definitely check out Gonzales Food Market. I'm almost positive that they take credit cards and they may also take debit cards. If you go to Gonzales Food Market definitely get the sausage. It is very good. Sometimes they have good pork ribs and their bbq sauce is also tasty.

        Gonzales Food Market
        311 Saint Lawrence St, Gonzales, TX 78629

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          I second Gonzalez. Outstanding sausage, brisket, and surprisingly, chicken.