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Apr 15, 2010 05:30 PM

La Campera chips--GOOD!

La Michoacana on E. 7th is carrying a brand of tortilla chips I hadn't seen/tried before: La Campera, manufactured in Houston by Tortilleria La Campera. They're delicious! (For bagged totopos, anyway.)

Compared to El Milagro (my prior choice, made here in Austin), La Campera chips are slightly thicker, a little oily, and nicely salted. They hold up better to guacamole or beans.

Does anyone else have a favorite chip I should try?

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  1. Not sure what your stance on MSG is but I love the stuff. If you're alongside me in the camp then check out Julio's. It's a lightly seasoned totopo with that signature glutamate burst of flavor.

    Julio's back story above if you're inclined toward a good cockle warming.

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      Those chips are a great find. Every time I put them out for parties or gatherings, people want to know where to find them... absolutely delish! I get them at HEB but I don't know if other stores carry them. They are great alone or they have no trouble holding up to guacamole, queso, etc.

      1. re: scrumptiouschef

        Made in San Angelo. Good stuff, but yeah, that's a lot of MSG...

      2. Love Xochitl's "totopos de maiz". They're really too thin to hold up to dipping, but have such good flavor I'm happy to much them w/o adornment. I think HEB carries them.

        1. Calidad is my new chip of choice, was at the HEB up in Georgetown but haven't found them since then. Great on their own, slightly thicker, great crunch, wonderful for nachos or dipping and on their own.