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Apr 15, 2010 02:48 PM

Garlic n' Lemons

Has anyone been to this new place in Allston yet? I drove by today and it looks open but I can't find a menu anywhere online.

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    1. re: lmuller

      Haven't had a chance yet, though I pass it every day on the bus. Why not stop in and let the rest of us know about it? Be daring! Be a Chowhound!

    2. I tried G'nL during their silent opening weekend back around April 14. There's definitely a lot of curiousity about this eatery as there was a line to order.

      The wait was rather protracted as there was only one guy assembling the orders while several other people mulled around the kitchen in the back. Not sure why more people weren't helping on the assembly line. I attribute this to being a new eatery and I'm sure they'll work this out .

      I decided to forgo the roll up choices and opted for the spicy eggplant burger kebab plate. The kebab was cooked right after I placed the order. It took about 10 minutes which I didn't mind as there is a cheery area with tables and chairs. The cashier packaged my to go order and provided a card with Gn'L's telephone number so that I can phone in future take-out orders. I appreciated that. The plate also came with rice, choice of salad (I went for the Greek one), and hummus. The meal was satisfying and filling. I actually had enough for a second meal. The eggplant was not particularly flavorable but I did enjoy the spiced beef. The spiciness was more apparent the second day. The Greek salad was crisp and tasty.

      Overall, I enjoyed the experience and will definitely go back to try other menu offerings.

      1. Is this part of the b*good family? The font and color use in the sign is the same.

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        1. re: meuri

          Similar but not actually the same, and there doesn't seem to be any connection. It's Lebanese food, apparently run by a couple of people who used to have a place in Kendall Square. Their website isn't up yet, but they have a facebook page, and the specials described sound delectable - gotta get there soon!

        2. Barmy and I finally stopped in for a late lunch this afternoon. This place is a gem.

          We both had roll-up sandwiches, upgraded for $1 extra to the saj bread. Barmy had the chicken shawarma, which he declared the best he had ever had, and I had the spicy eggplant burger kebab (a ground beef mixture similar to Fordee's losh kebab alternated on the skewer with chunks of eggplant.) We upgraded one of the sandwiches to a combo and shared a side of fattoush and a drink - they offer jallab, which is made with a syrup of dates, grape molasses, and rosewater, very tasty.

          The sandwiches were so good we decided to try a couple of other things as well - we split a single falafel patty, a piece of kibbeh, and a cheese pie (unfortunately they were out of the spinach- and meat-filled pies.) All were equally delicious, as were a couple of small pieces of baklava, fresh and buttery and blessedly NOT tooth-achingly sweet.

          I had my eye on a lot of the side dishes - they offer a veggie plate in which you can combine any three veggie sides, and we will probably try a couple of those on another visit. There's also a list of daily specials, although unfortunately nothing seemed to be on offer today. Open till midnight most nights and till 3am on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. All in all a fine addition to the neighborhood.

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          1. re: Allstonian

            I finally tried it too. The man picked up take out so I can't comment on the inside of the restaurant. We ordered several different things to try and we happier with some than with others. He ordered a chicken kebob roll-up and it was TINY. It came to maybe four bites and there was hardly any chicken in it at all. He said that the chicken was good, but not worth the 6.00 sandwich. We ordered a side of rice and lentils which was delicious as was the tabouli. It tasted just like gramma's! I got the veggie plate with grapeleaves, mousakka and tabouli. The mousakka was good and the grape leaves were just ok. They were a little too hard or something. We were very disappointed as we ordered a side of hummus and did not get any bread with it. I assume that it was an oversight, but it isn't the same eating hummus with scali bread. Has this happened to anyone else? Did I need to ask for bread? I would go back again with this experience in mind and try a few new things.